Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the role of the Head of School Search Committee?

    The Search Committee is responsible for managing the search process, identifying and interviewing candidates, and making a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees.  The work of the committee will incorporate extensive input from members of the St. Andrew’s community, including faculty, staff, parents, students and alumni. Ultimately, the Board of Trustees will make the final Head of School selection.
  • Who is on the Search Committee?

    In independent schools, the Board of Trustees is tasked with hiring the Head of School. The Search Committee is comprised of eight current Trustees and two former Trustees, all of whom bring great depth of experience and perspective to the search process. You can read their bios here. In tandem with the committee, RG175 is serving as the national search consultant for St. Andrew’s. RG175 was also the consultant for our recent Lower School and Upper School Head searches and has a great depth of knowledge about St. Andrew’s. 
  • What is the expected timeline of the search process?

    The new permanent Head of School will be announced in the spring semester of 2022, with a start date of July 1, 2022.  We have developed a comprehensive and inclusive process that we hope our entire community will take advantage of: 
    • Early August 2021: confidential online surveys will be distributed across St. Andrew’s community to provide feedback on the direction of the school and to help the Search Committee identify the qualities, skills, and experience that the incoming Head of School should possess.  All faculty, staff, parents, grades 6-12 students and alumni will be invited to participate in this critical step in the process.
    • Late August 2021: our consultant team from RG175 (Doreen Oleson and Coreen Hester) will be on campus to visit with Trustees, the Search Committee and key stakeholder groups (faculty, senior administrative staff, parents, students, and alumni).  The purpose of these meetings is to hear as many perspectives as possible on what the St. Andrew’s community seeks in its next leader.
    • September 2021: The Search Committee will review candidate dossiers and select semi-finalists. Semi-finalists will be interviewed and finalists selected.
    • October 2021: Finalists will visit St. Andrew’s and meet with stakeholder groups (to include faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni).  Following those engagements and feedback, the Search Committee will make a recommendation, for Board decision, to the full Board of Trustees on the selection of the next Head of School.
    • October-November 2021: The new Head of School will be announced to the St. Andrew’s community.  The transition process will begin, including the formation of a Transition Committee to help the incoming Head prepare for the new role at St. Andrew's.
    • July 1, 2022: The Head of School will take office and the transition process will continue.

    Later this summer, we will share additional information on the community-wide survey and a detailed schedule for RG 175’s visit to St. Andrew’s after we return to school in August.  We strongly encourage your participation in these important components of the search, and we welcome any feedback you may have for the Search Committee throughout the search process.
  • How can members of the St. Andrew’s community participate in and remain informed during the search process?

    Community engagement is a critical component of the search process.  A community-wide survey will be emailed to all faculty and staff, families, alumni, and Upper School students to provide feedback on the direction of the school and to help the Search Committee identify the qualities, skills, and experience that the incoming Head of School should possess.  Participation is key to ensure a broad perspective is incorporated into the decision making process.  In addition to these surveys, there will be opportunities for virtual meetings with RG175 after we return to school in August, and on-campus opportunities to meet with finalist candidates in fall 2021.
    Our Head of School Search page will be updated as events occur, and we will distribute communications related to the search on a regular basis.
  • How do I share any questions or comments regarding the search?

    We welcome and encourage all feedback. Please click here to contact the Search Committee.
  • Are any internal candidates applying for the permanent Head of School position?

    All applicants are confidential until the Finalist rounds (slated for January/February 2022). At that time, all Finalist candidates will be on campus for visits with the broader community. Feedback will be solicited for all candidates who reach the finalist rounds.
  • What is the role of the Board of Trustees?

    St. Andrew's Board of Trustees is entrusted with the great responsibility of operating the non-profit entity of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. Members of the Board serve staggered three-year terms and two-thirds of our members must be Episcopalian.  
    The Board hires the Head of School and is responsible for helping manage the assets and finances of the school, undertaking significant facilities projects, and overseeing the strategic initiatives for the School. In addition, the Board also oversees and supports the school’s fundraising activities. All work is conducted using a traditional committee structure. The Head of School is responsible for the implementation of the mission and values of the school as well as the daily operations of the school, including such duties as employing faculty and staff, developing the curriculum, enrollment decisions and strategies, and enacting rules of conduct or discipline.
    The Board meets in order to conduct our business including regular Board Meetings held on alternating campuses, an annual audit, and producing the Long Term Strategic Plan for the school at regular intervals.