You took our breath away with your generosity at Top Fund 2023! Thank you so much for your kindness and support -- more than $1,300,000 was raised in support of our Financial Aid program. Your gift directly supports our mission and allows us to maintain our vibrant community.

Thank you to our family sponsors!

Top Gun
Anne and Ryan Jacob

Heather and Patrick Nichols
Kendra Scott and Thomas Evans
Adria and Brian Sheth

Take My Breath Away
The Alderson, Alfonsi/Eby, Brown, Henry, Simmons, and Taylor Families
Taylor and Bill Bowles
Huyen Cao and Shane Hayes
Melissa Kath and Howie Lipson
Hannah Temple and Chris Sanders

Mighty Wings
Nicky and Chris Brennig
Robin and Taylor Bruce
The De Masi and Steeg Families
The Angelone, Kahn, Oakes, Peake, and Tunnell Families
The Avant, Emmett, Foster, Hsu, Rios/Sandau, and Mast Families
The Banahan, Barnard/Coleman, Long, Stein, and Wardlaw Families
The Beal, Biggart, Cripps, Fauth, Georgoff, and Levy Families
The Deane, Healy, Maebius, Nelson, and Tynberg Families
The Gish, Hargrove, Johl, Oudt, and Slingerland Families
Kelly and Chris Goodpastor
Shotsie and Bruce Kramer
Rebecca and Eddie Lewis
Brooke and Spivey Paup
Sarah and Thomas Queen
Roni and Jonathan Saad
Marie and Barth Timmermann

Need For Speed
Chris and Phil Dial
Tanis and Ben Herndon
Amy and Richard Paddock
Michelle and Justin Smith

Great Balls of Fire
Jeanne and Michael Aronoff
Julie Blakeslee and John Spong
Beth and Erik Cohen
Jazz and François Du Pasquier
Brooke and Pete Freeland
Fish For Life Foundation
Tobie and Tony Gonzalez
Anna and Jason Herd
Annie and Marc Jimenez
Miriam Hanson and Adam Mamelak
Becca and Mike McMullen
Mattye Bresnen and Damon O’Connor
Katy and Christopher Steiner
Lauren and Drew Tate

Daphny and Rico Ainslie
Sidhya Jayakumar and Maneesh Amancharla
Melanie Dunbar and Lori Arcos
Heather and Colin Armstrong
Heather and Darryl Bailey
Margaret and Jon Barnwell
Allison and Rob Bassetti
Elizabeth and Steve Bentley
Pam and Eric Berger
Alina and John Berkowitz
Judith and Richard Berkowitz
Amy and Daniel Brody
Nahid and Andrew Butters
Morgan and Ryan Chapple
Caroline and Michael Conway
Lisa and Steve Cuddy
Laurie and Jim Curry
Jyotsana Agarwal and Tony DeBonis
Mairin and Chris Epp
Kim and Brian Erlanson
Catherine Herter Ervin and Jeff Ervin
Diana and Sean Greenberg
Jennifer and Mark Greenberg
Addie Tuxhorn and Tanuj Gulati
Carolyn and Matt Haney
Natalie and Pete Hudson
Kumara Wilcoxon and Doug Jaffe
Jill and Michael Jaimes
Brigid and Klee Kleber
Jenny and Russ Krengel
Jen and Brian Leader
Jennifer and Michael Majors
Vanessa Benavidez and Jeremy Malasky
Courtney and Jake Manuel
Sarah and Ryan McLaren
Lisa and Nicholas Miller
Kumi and Landon Morales
Lindsey and Bill Norton
Liz Jacobs and Richard Ries
Masa and Jade Shopp
Katie Edge and Andrew Slorp
Mia and Harry Smail
Leslie and Eli Smith
Erin and Andrew Stephens
Danielle and Kevin Sweeney
Margo and Jonathan Tate
Kristin and Thomas Toland
Lisa and John Tully
Lia and Brad Van Otterloo
Jessica and Austin Vedder
Megan and Jay Washburn
Hayley and Adam Wilk
Merideth and Brad Wilson
Holly and Walter Wukasch
YiShaun and Jonathan Yang
Megan and Ryan Zafereo