Lower School


Lower School Curriculum

Science, math, language arts and social studies comprise the core curriculum in grades 1-5. Reading comprehension, writing and math skills are key focal points that faculty integrate in all their lessons. Enrichment classes include fine arts, foreign languages, physical education, technology and library skills. We use a contained classroom format for grades 1-4, and move into departmentalization in grade 5.

Program Highlights

iPad & Seesaw

Students are issued an iPad which they may use under a teacher's supervision. Many teachers elect to use the software program Seesaw, which enables students to demonstrate a new concept they've learned through video or animation. Parents are allowed to follow and comment on their students' posts, providing a dynamic answer to the age-old question: "What did you do in school today?"

Hour of Code

Last year, students in grades 2-5 participated in the global initiative "Hour of Code." For a week, teachers dedicated some classroom time to guide students through fun, interactive programs that taught programming skills in age-appropriate formats.

Philosophy & Goals

The St. Andrew’s curriculum is challenging, creative, and comprehensive. It has been crafted to promote the mastery of essential skills and to provide opportunities for students to develop their potential. It also allows teachers to weave in areas of study about which they are particularly knowledgeable or passionate, making for a rich and unique educational experience.

Over the course of their lives at St. Andrew's, our students develop:

  • Christian values and character;
  • essential study skills;
  • an appreciation for the fine arts;
  • physical fitness and good sportsmanship;
  • responsibility, self-discipline, and self-respect; and
  • concern for others through community service.

Atlas Help

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  • What is Atlas?

    Atlas is our K-12 course database that provides broad guidelines on what is covered in each grade and course of study.
  • How do I filter in Atlas?

    1) Hover your cursor over Browse
    2) Click Course Description (short narratives) or Unit Calendar (specific skills) tab.
    3) Using the left-hand box filter, select a School, Grade, and Subject before clicking Browse.
    4) The results show either a course description or a link that will take you to a detailed map of a course's content.
  • How is Atlas used?

    Our faculty use Atlas to document, understand, and improve the school's curriculum - it also helps us identify potential gaps and repetitions in units of study. It is a living resource that is updated and revised constantly to keep our program fresh and student-centered. Do not be surprised if you find teacher maps at different stages of development.
  • Who can I contact for help?

    If you have more questions about Atlas, contact Tim McGhee at (512) 299-9819

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  • Upper School

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Located in Austin, Texas, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a private co-ed elementary, middle and high school for grades K-12. Students benefit from dedicated faculty, a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.