Spring All-SPC, Team, and Sterling Wilson Award Winners

During a chapel service on Thursday, May 16, the Upper School community recognized the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) All-Conference Teams, Team Awards, and recipient of the Sterling Wilson Award.
All-SPC Conference
All-Zone: Carson Kroll & Chase Samuels
Honorable Mention All-Conference: True McEvoy
All-Conference: Carson Kroll & Cole Nascone

Boys Lacrosse
All-Zone: Sam Zapalac & Chaz Stitzer
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Cole Morehead
All-Conference: Ethan Hanna & Cade Kilbride
Girls Lacrosse
All-Zone: Paige Ziebert & Mallory Clifton & Lily Hersch
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Louise Lerner
All-Conference: Hasie Sherman & Clara Sherman

All-Zone: Alyssa Castillo & Ana Castillo
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Daniela Youngberg 
All-Conference: Alyssa Castillo

All-Zone: Jett Hampton & Pearce Strickland & Simms Ehrlich
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Eli Throop & Ella Parker
All-Conference: Jett Hampton & Pearce Strickland & & Simms Ehrlich
Track and Field (Top 3 Finish at SPC Meet):
All-Conference: Chelan Beavers
LAX State League Awards:
THSLL Boys All-District: Ethan Hanna & Cade Kilbride
CTGHSLL Girls All-District: Natalie Youngblood 

Team Awards

Varsity Baseball:
Most Valuable Player: Avery Duncan
Most Improved Player: Clay McComb
Coaches’ Choice Award: Thomas Ostrom

JV Baseball:
Most Improved Player: Houston Holford
Coaches’ Choice Award: Malcolm Burns 

Varsity Boys Golf:
Most Valuable Player: Rico Beuerlein
Most Improved Player: Jack Havemann
Coaches’ Choice Award: Alex Swearingen
Varsity Boys Lacrosse:
Offensive Most Valuable Player: Ethan Hanna 
Defensive Most Valuable Player: Cade Kilbride
Coaches’ Choice Award: Kevin Keelan
Most Improved Player: Grayson Albright
Varsity Girls Lacrosse:
Most Valuable Player: Natalie Youngblood
Most Improved Player: Lauren Robertson
Coaches’ Choice Award: Lousie Lerner 
Varsity Softball:
Most Valuable Player: Daniela Youngberg
Most Improved Player: Sarah Cary
Coaches’ Choice Award: Mia Tobias 
Coaches’ Choice Award: Caroline Martineau

Varsity Boys Tennis:
Most Valuable Player: Jett Hampton 
Most Improved Player: Bering Edwards
Coach’s Choice Award: Coby Sheehan

Varsity Girls Tennis:
Most Valuable Player: Simms Ehrlich
Most Improved Player: Lauren Dryer
Coach’s Choice Award: Ella Parker
Varsity Track:
Coaches Award: Jonathan Lim
Coaches Award: Will Sarahan
Coaches Award: Caroline Johnson
MVR: Emma Tuhabonye
MVR: Marisa Washington
MVR: Chelan Beavers
MIR: Daphne Nguyen
MIR: Elle Garcia
MIR: Max Burbey
MIR: Trenton Jackson
JV Track:
Coaches Award: Daniel Vidaurri
Coaches Award: Priya Julian
MVR: Nina Jourdan
MVR: Hector Cantu
MIR: Tessa Stovall
MIR: Aaron Day

Sterling Wilson Award
Natalie Youngblood
Alyssa Castillo
Kevin Latreille

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