Science Research Symposium 2020: Dawn of Tomorrow

For the second year in a row, the Science Research Symposium was a wonderful celebration and display of the important work St. Andrew’s students are doing within the world of science. This year’s theme, Dawn of Tomorrow, focused on how science is playing an integral role in shaping our future through new discoveries and innovations. Building off the momentum created from last year’s inaugural event, the Symposium was extended, and ran for two days this year, offering something for everyone. 
Day one of the event included presentations by middle and upper school students on their results and analysis from their original research projects. Upper School chemistry students also gave exciting, and sometimes explosive, chemistry demonstrations for their 8th grade guests. 

On day 2, at the egg drop contest, 4th grade students tested out the egg drop contraptions they created to see from how high they could drop an egg without it breaking. At the Let’s Taco-bout Research lunch, guests were treated to Torchy’s Taco and had the opportunity to hear about cutting edge research being done by environmental researchers here in Austin. 

Along with the events happening throughout the two days, guests could stop by DFAC at anytime to take a look at the student work on display.  Some of the featured work was the Exhibition of Projects, posters created by Upper School science students that will also be presented at Austin’s Regional Science Fair, and the Landscape of Tomorrow, artwork done by Kindergarteners who created landscape drawings with shapes based off of the work of Indonesian artist, Budi Kwan. Guests could participate in the action with What’s That? Contest: PARK edition. Contestants had to use their science knowledge (or luck) to see if they could identify what is pictured in the five displayed images. This year’s edition featured the flora and fauna one might come across while visiting St. Andrew’s “The PARK.”  The person who correctly identified all five won a prize! These were only some of the student work guests enjoyed while visiting the Symposium. To read a full list of the programming and events that took place, visit the Science Research Symposium website.

Congratulations to St. Andrew’s science teacher, Bryan Dunn, and all the St. Andrew’s students for putting on such a thoughtful, informative and fun event!