Helping the Helpers: St. Andrew's Faculty and Staff Rally for Healthcare Workers

On Friday, St. Andrew's Middle School teacher Katherine Noble reached out to faculty and staff with a hopeful request: to help provide food for the frontline doctors, nurses and healthcare workers at St. David's and Seton Hospitals who are tirelessly treating ill patients. Within hours, Ms. Noble had enough donations to support several days worth of food deliveries: pizza from Dominos, pastries from local bakery Quacks (thumbs up for supporting local businesses!) and more.  She was met with tears and grateful hearts from our healthcare workers, some of whom have been diagnosed themselves with COVID-19 in the wake of helping patients.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint for all these heroes," said Ms. Noble. "I am sure it is scary to risk one's health over and over again to care for others."

Many thanks to our SAS community for stepping up and leaning in to help those on the frontlines of this pandemic.