Sterling Wilson Honor Awarded To Spring Senior Athletes

Following the cancellation of the 2019-20 spring athletics season, the athletics department honors all 36 spring seniors, bestowing them with the Sterling Wilson Award.
The honor serves as a way to truly recognize and thank the seniors for all their hard work and dedication over the past four years. 
This award is named in honor of Sterling Wilson, father of Grant and Trent, graduates in the class of 2009. It is given to that athlete who best exemplifies the qualities of Sterling, who was passionate, fiery, and committed, both as an athlete and also as a fan and supporter of the program.

“The spring season, although cut short, was off to a phenomenal start, in large part due to the tremendous leadership of our seniors,” Athletic Director Jeff McCrary said. “With that in mind, we award the most coveted athletics award to all 36 graduating athletes with special thanks, and as assurance that their legacy will continue on.”
The complete list of recipients are as follows:

Amarion Hall
Carson Kroll
Clay McComb
True McEvoy
Thomas Ostrom
Michael Ross (*duplicate with track)
Chase Samuels
Jan-Paul Simard

Boys Lacrosse
Rawley Casey
Jack Cowan
Jack Crouse
Ethan Hanna
Cole Morehead
Sam Zapalac

Girls Lacrosse
Lily Hersch
Sidney Marsh
Hazel Mitchel-Gevirtz
Georgia Northway
Kyla Thompson
Paige Ziebert

Clifford Dunn

Anna Jackson
Jordan Kappler
Daniela Youngberg

Kai Canada
Harrison Chiu
Ava Nykaza
Pearce Strickland
Eli Throop
Niclos Zarafshani

Track & Field
Chelan Beavers
Squeaky Buentipo
Max Burbey
India Caramelli
Georgia Orchid
Patrick Wilson