Sunny Days Ahead- Kate Aoueille '08

Kate Aoueille '08 has started a program called Sunny Days Ahead, supporting local Austin establishments that have been significantly impacted by COVID-19, as well as the Central Texas Food Bank. SDA is launching weekly Sweepstakes with a new set of prizes from local treasured businesses for when Sunny Days return to Austin. First up, a "The Very-Very-VIP Experience" at Antone's Night Club, a YETI Cooler, 30-Day Membership to Black Swan Yoga, and a watercolor painting of an Austin landmark by Avery Price of Coloring ATX. 
Madison Collins '09 and Ben Haggerty '09 are also involved in the program! 
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Background on Sunny Days Ahead 
About a month ago, on one of the first days of quarantine life, I was reflecting a lot on what I missed about our old lives. I realized that for me, I missed all these local Austin experiences that were at our disposal whenever we wanted - whether it was paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, enjoying a night of music at Antone's or having a good ole' fashioned sub at my favorite sub shop, ThunderCloud Subs. 
Furthermore, now that we're not in a position to enjoy these activities wholeheartedly, we cherish them that much more. Isn't it funny what happens when you take away something you always assumed would be there? 
My new-found gratitude and appreciation for what has made Austin the city we all love so dearly is the silver lining of this all. 
Okay, so what is Sunny Days? 
Sunny Days Ahead supports Austin small businesses by encouraging people to invest in the brighter days that will come through a sweepstakes of experience-based prizes. 
Today, and for the next four weeks, people can enter to win a variety of SWEET prizes, brought to you by 20+ Austin businesses. While a contribution isn't required, if you are able to donate to the cause, it will go a long way in helping support these businesses during this time. 
Additionally, for every donation made this week, we'll be providing 10 meals to those in need via Central Texas Food Bank. Each week, we'll partner with a different non-profit organization to support those in need of essential food and our frontline workers. 
Our hope is to remind locals of the brighter days that are in our future and support these businesses, their workers and the causes that are most important to them live on.