Middle and Upper School Latin Students Recognized

Latin students at the Upper & Middle Schools took the National Latin Exam in early March.  They were joined by over 100,000 students from all over the US and the world.  There are separate exams for different levels of Latin, and students in each level are awarded medals (gold and silver) for high achievement and ribbons and certificates at the middle school level. Twenty-eight upper school students and twenty-six middle school students were recognized with some kind of award. At the Upper School seven students received Gold Medals and eight received Silver Medals, the two highest awards on the exam. In addition, two 7th grade students achieved a perfect score on the Introductory Latin exam. Optime factum, discipuli!
Gold Medalists, Summa Cum Laude
Michael Barrow
Meyer Cohen
Bering Edwards
Bunny Pease
Emma Schmidt
Will Snider
William Sykes

As a senior receiving a gold medal, Will Snider has been given the opportunity to apply for the National Latin Exam scholarship.

Silver Medalists, Maxima Cum Laude
William Berry
Krista Drako
Clayton Goldsmith
Laney Goodrum
Lorelei Ing
Lorena Koppel
Jack Malone
Luke Weaver

Magna Cum Laude Certificates
Patrick Anderson
Squeaky Buentipo
Jack Cowan
Beau Diede 
Grayson McKinnerney
Caroline Sullivan
Allyssa Weiss

Cum Laude Certificates
Mark Greenberg
Harrison Cauthen
Sophia DelConte
Sabrina Kalmans
Rachel Kilgard
Kern Singh-Rehani

Middle School Latin 
(N.B. Ribbon and certificate is the equivalent of Gold; Certificate alone is equivalent of Silver.)

Ribbon and Perfect Score Certificate
Martina Faini
Abigail Simonds

Outstanding Ribbon and Certificate
Bo Carpenter
Deven Sheth
Kai Cohagan
Max McWilliams
Owen Almy
Bo Wieland
Griffin Hill
Travis Josey
Laila Antonini
Zaina Khattary
Katie Martineau
McAlpine Kirkland
Tad O’Brien
Grace Berry
Megan Dempsey
Marcus McWilliams

Certificate of Achievement
Josie Powers
Giulia Faini
Brooks Tolany
Collin Hayes
Townes Lawrence
Matthew Malone
Ashton Knisely
Dylan Marshall