St. Andrew's Day Award Winners

Every year at St. Andrew's Day we recognize outstanding members of our faculty and community. This year, even though our St. Andrew's Day Service (watch here) happened virtually, we continued the tradition of honoring these deserving members of the St. Andrew's family.
Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards:
Southwest Parkway Campus: Dan Latreille, Upper School Science Dept. Chair, Physics Teacher, College Counselor, Coach
31st St. Campus: Meredith Petry White, Middle School Math Teacher

Lucy Collins Nazro Faculty Service Award: 
Amanda Boardman, Director of Health Services, K - 12

The John & Jeannine Miller Volunteer Award:

While we typically honor one volunteer who has made special contributions to our life together, this year we decided to think more holistically about our entire community in the mist of this COVID-19 pandemic.  
Dozens of members of our school community have served above and beyond the call of duty this year.  This includes our brave front line health care workers, first responders, teachers, parents, students, administration and trustees… the list goes on and on. This year, we asked our community to nominate their volunteer heroes and as you can see, the list is long.  And it is inspiring.
So while the Volunteer Award this year does not go to a single person, we felt it was most important to acknowledge this incredible village – our St. Andrew’s community – as a collective volunteer body.  How blessed we are to have so many outstanding volunteers that they could not possibly be whittled to just one. 

Helen Gilbert
Amanda Boardman
Christina Stull
Catherine Powell
Allen "Rocky" Hollingsworth
Margot Miller
Adam Joseph Visconti MD, MPH
Will Moncrieff
Vicky Gregg
Alessandra Quaroni
Clay Cauthen
Dr. Micaela Aleman
Dr. Carol Ziebert
Michael Jaimes
Dr. Kent Ellington
Dr. Dara Berry, DVM
Verónica Putney
Jennie Luongo
David Bracho
Dr. Elizabeth Jacobs
Dr. Ari Berman
Tori Blake
Dr. Jackee Kayser
Brian O'Connell
Brian Slingerland
Angie Berry
Phil Dial
David Grimm
Jason Near
Jack Nelson
Amy Paddock
Thomas Queen
Greg Weaver
Anne Kim
Caroline McEntee
Christina Canzoneri
Liz Ketner Winterroth

15 and 25 Year Service Awards:
15 Years of Service:
Steven Garcia, Middle School Admissions and Upper School Baseball Coach
Dan Latreille, Upper School Physics, College Counselor, and Coach
Jason Kruger, Middle School Theater and Coach
Elizabeth Martens, Middle School English and Advisor
Chris McCoy, Upper School Art and Advisor
Jennifer Tollefson, Upper School Humanities and Advisor
Evangeline Tonche, St. Andrew’s Facilities Team
Aimee Zivin, Lower School Theater

25 Years of Service:
Veronica Putney, Upper School Spanish Teacher and Advisor