Ren Koppel Torres' '22 novel "The Shadow in Her Pocket" released!

SAS junior Ren Koppel Torres' novel The Shadow in Her Pocket is now available to purchase!
Ren has always loved to read fantasy novels, but couldn't help but notice that the lead role was almost always a male character. So, they decided to change that! Here's a brief synopsis of the story from the author:  On a frigid island wrought with magic, beasts, and secrets, three young girls leading completely different lives are thrust together into an army of sorcerers. When Holly accidentally puts a curse on her village, she sets sail to find the mythic island from her father's stories. Evelyn leaves her underground city to follow a gem that could lead her to her missing memories. Elodie forgoes her duties as nobility to prove a Councilor's wicked plot. When warring factions of the army awaken an ancient danger, Holly, Evelyn, and Elodie must pool their strengths, their powers, and the hidden clues of a prophecy to survive. 

The Middle Grade (appropriate for middle school aged readers) fantasy novel is available to purchase on Kindle here and will be for sale in paperback soon! Ren has partnered with Bookspring, a non-profit organization that distributes books to families in Central Texas, and a portion of every book sale will be donated to their efforts.

Ren recently spoke with KVUE about why it was important to them to write this book with females in the lead role. Listen to the full interview here.

Congratulations, Ren!