Winter Sports Awards

Kristen Benjamin
Highlanders Honor Winter Athletes, Sterling Wilson Awards
During a Chapel service on Friday, March 4, the Upper School community recognized the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) All-Conference Teams, Team Awards, and recipients of the Sterling Wilson Award. 

The selections were as follows:

SPC Awards
Boys Basketball
All-Conference: Brady Kurad, Solomon Marshall
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Bo Staloch 
All-Zone: Brady Kurad, Solomon Marshall

Girls Basketball
All-Conference: Scout Swanson, Ella Townsend
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Maddie Warren
All-Zone: Scout Swanson, Ella Townsend

Boys Soccer
All-Conference: Miles Eclarinal
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Thomas Gottfried

All-Zone: Nicholas Gab, Cooper Payne

Girls Soccer
All-Conference: Julia Cotlar
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Margot Metschan
All-Zone: Julia Cotlar, Kate Preheim

3rd place:
100 breaststroke and 50 freestyle: Caroline Sullivan
100 breaststroke: Michael Taylor

2nd place:
100 breaststroke: Connor Van Otterloo

1st place:
500 freestyle: Grace Tuhabonye
200 freestyle relay: Caroline Sullivan, Kylie Stuart, Grace Tuhabonye, Michelle Taylor
200 freestyle: Connor Van Otterloo
3rd place:
200 medley relay: Michelle Taylor, Caroline Sullivan, Grace Tuhabonye, Kara Killeen
100 freestyle: Caroline Sullivan
100 breaststroke: Michael Taylor

2nd place:
400 freestyle relay: Michelle Taylor, Grace Tuhabonye, McAlpine Kirkland, Caroline Sullivan
100 butterfly: Grace Tuhabonye
100 freestyle: Connor Van Otterloo
100 breaststroke: Caroline Sullivan

Special Awards
Sterling Wilson Award – Brady Kurad
Sterling Wilson Award – Ella Townsend
SPC Sportsmanship Award – Daphne Nguyen

Team Awards

Boys Basketball
Most Improved Player – Coleman Elkins
Coaches’ Choice Award – Brady Kurad
Most Valuable Player – Solomon Marshall
Most Improved Player – Ben Stapleton
Coach’s Choice Award – Travis Josey
Most Valuable Player – Luke Dial

Most Improved Player – Ryder Runkle
Coach’s Choice Award – Roman Rawie
Most Valuable Player – Bo Carpenter

Varsity Girls Basketball

Coaches’ Choice Award – Genevieve Alcorta

Coaches’ Choice Award – Emily Gregg
Most Valuable Player – Scout Swanson

Most Improved Cheerleader – Cassia Lee

Coach’s Choice Award – Alyssa Rodriguez
Most Valuable Cheerleader – Kelly Carolan

Boys Soccer


Most Improved Player – Miles Eclarinal

Coaches’ Choice Award – Jamie De la Garza Montfort
Most Valuable Player – Nicholas Gab

Most Valuable Player – Thomas Gottfried

Most Improved Player – Xander Gilson
Coaches’ Choice Award – Zain Osborne
Most Valuable Player – Colin McCormick
Most Valuable Player – Walter Richard

Girls Soccer
Most Improved Player – Nia Trevillion
Coaches’ Choice Award – Olivia Turner
Most Valuable Player – Julia Cotlar

Most Improved Player – Georgia Papavassiliou
Coach’s Choice Award – Kaitlyn Zimmermann
Most Valuable Player – Sonia Singh

Varsity Swimming
Most Improved Swimmer – Beau Diede

Most Improved Swimmer – McAlpine Kirkland

Coaches’ Choice Award – Grace Tuhabonye

Coaches’ Choice Award – Luke Van Otterloo
Most Valuable Swimmer – Caroline Sullivan

Most Valuable Swimmer – Connor Van Otterloo