Luke W. Sits Down with US Surgeon General

When 8th grader Luke W. reached out to Dr. Vivek Murthy, the United States Surgeon General, as part of his research for Project Citizen he never thought he'd hear back from him, let alone get to meet and speak with him in person.
But not long after Luke sent his email he received a response back from Dr. Murthy's office letting him know they received his email and were excited about his Project Citizen topic — The Effects of Social Media on Youth Mental Health — and that Dr. Murthy would be in Austin and wanted to sit down and talk with him about it. 

So, in early March Luke met with Dr. Murthy to ask him some questions about his thoughts on the effects of social media on young people and in return Dr. Murthy asked Luke some questions about his own screen time and social media use. 

We commend Luke on having the courage to reach out to Dr. Murthy and then conducting and representing himself and St. Andrew's so well!