Highlanders Honor Spring Athletes, Sterling Wilson Awards

During a Chapel service on Thursday, May 12th, the Upper School community recognized the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) All-Conference Teams, Team Awards, and recipients of the Sterling Wilson Award as well as our athletes of distinction (12 sports teams during high school).
The selections were as follows:

SPC Awards

All-Zone: Sage Epstein, Chris Jarrett
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Reid Manti
All-Conference: Noah Gorelick

Girls Lacrosse:
All-Zone: Reese Goodman and Ella Townsend
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Alex Precourt
All-Conference: Ella Townsend

Track & Field:
All-Zone: (Top 3 Finish)
4x400m (3rd): Anna Berry, Rory O’Hara, Sonia Singh, and Ava Sweeney
4x800m (2nd): Bella Benke, Anna Berry, Elle Garcia, and Ava Sweeney
3200m: William Dunaway (1st)
SPC All-Conference (Top 3 Finish)
3200m: William Dunaway (3rd)

All-Zone: Felipe Moreno, Amanda Thomas, and Colin Timmerman
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Ella Parker and Ryan Wallin
All-Conference: Ross Cockrell, Jack Ingram, and Amanda Thomas

Boys Lacrosse: 
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Sean Goodlett and Chet King
All-Conference: Grayson Coffin, Kai Cohagan, Cullen Dawkins, Kris Latreille, and Ian Zambetti

SPC Sportsmanship Award – Nia Trevillion (Girls Lacrosse)

Special Awards
Sterling Wilson Award – Rico Beuerlein
Sterling Wilson Award – Kris Latreille
Sterling Wilson Award – Daphne Nguyen

12 Season Athletes (2018 – 2022):
Nicholas Gab
Elle Garcia
Chet King
Kris Latreille
Daphne Nguyen

Team Awards

Varsity Baseball:
Most Valuable Player – Reid Manti
Coaches’ Choice Award – Wes Aubin
Most Improved Player – Noah Gorelick
Varsity Boys Lacrosse:
Texas High School Lacrosse League
Honorable Mention: Chet King, Luke Precourt, and Ian Zambetti
All-District: Kai Cohagan and Cullen Dawkins
All State: Grayson Coffin and Kris Latreille

Most Valuable Player – Kris Latreille
Coaches’ Choice Award – Cullen Dawkins
Most Improved Player – Josh Gilbert
Most Improved Player – Dexter Glassco
Varsity Girls Lacrosse:
Central Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League
 All-District: Reese Goodman, Alex Precourt, Ella Townsend, and Nia Trevillion

Most Valuable Player – Ella Townsend
Coaches’ Choice Award – Nia Trevillion
Most Improved Player – Lucy Bowles
Varsity Golf:
Most Valuable Golfer – Rico Beuerlein
Most Valuable Golfer – Annie Li
Coaches’ Choice Award – Brady Kurad
Coaches’ Choice Award – Addi Sell
Most Improved Golfer – Jackson Harshbarger
Most Improved Golfer – Loula Aycock
Varsity Softball:
Most Valuable Player – Mia Tobias
Coaches’ Choice Award – Caroline Martineau
Most Improved Player – Skye Rossouw
Varsity Tennis:
Most Valuable Player – Jack Ingram
Most Valuable Player – Ava Walrath
Coaches’ Choice Award – Ross Cockrell
Coaches’ Choice Award – Kacie Jagger
Most Improved Player – Felipe Moreno
Most Improved Player – Grace Imes
Varsity Track & Field:
Most Valuable Athlete – William Dunaway
Most Valuable Athlete – Elle Garcia
Most Improved Athlete – Sonia Singh
Most Improved Athlete – Pruett Fedorowicz
Most Improved Athlete – Alex Nield
Coaches’ Choice Award – Luke Dial
Coaches’ Choice Award – Ava Sweeney
JV Track & Field:
Most Valuable Athlete – William May
Most Valuable Athlete – Piper Erickson
Most Improved Athlete – Julia Caramelli
Most Improved Athlete – Nate Sabo
Coaches’ Choice Award – Nick Rubin
Coaches’ Choice Award – Grace Stalcup