Senior Dinner '22

Our inaugural Senior Dinner was a special way to kick off our graduation celebrations with the Class of 2022, our newest class of St. Andrew’s Alumni. Faculty and Alumni joined our Senior Class for dinner on the DFAC porch, surrounded by photos of memories submitted by Senior Parents. A full photo album from the event can be found here!

As the Class of 2022 graduates this weekend, they’ll take on a new role with St. Andrew’s. They will join the ranks of the many artists, athletes, scholars and servants who came before them. To welcome them into the alumni community, Alumni donors, mentors and volunteers were invited to attend the Senior Dinner.

Ahead of this event, the Senior Class was asked to complete the Senior Challenge, in which they were to update their email address, join the True Blue Alumni Network, and had the option to make a deferred pledge to the St. Andrew’s Fund, to be fulfilled by their first Reunion in five years.

Will Temple of the Class of 2012 served as our Alumni Speaker, offering three pieces of advice in his remarks, saying,

“When I first sat down to think about this speech, and all the wisdom I have to impart on a group of young adults who are definitely smarter than me, I came up with 3 pieces of advice I wanted to share… These are not the 3 keys to success but they are 3 simple things that I try to do often, and have helped me through my college years and professional life. 
  1. Pursue a mentor – it is your job to find a mentor, not the mentor’s job to find you. You’ll be surprised at how much people like to help other people, especially the younger generation (i.e. you). 
  2. Get involved in as many things as reasonably possible – in your community, at your school, at your church, and with your friends. Keep it reasonable so that it doesn’t distract you from what’s important, but I promise you’ll never regret getting involved. 
  3. Caring is cool – sounds simple… obviously, the more you care about something the better you are at it, but the older I’ve gotten, the more I appreciate the passion people have for their friends, family, job, church, and community. In high school the definition of cool isn’t really cool. What is actually cool in life is getting passionately involved in the things you care about.”

He then continued on his personal relationship with St. Andrew’s and his fellow alumni by adding, 

“I am extremely lucky to have spent 12 years here, and I remain very close to a lot of St. Andrew’s people to this day,” Will said. “I had 5 St. Andrew’s friends who were groomsmen in my wedding, a group of 15 of us still go on an annual summer trip, and I have served on the St. Andrew’s Alumni Board for over 5 years now. It has been so much fun giving back to the school, going to alumni events, and watching the campus grow.”

Thank you to our alumni who were in attendance to welcome our students into their next chapter, and to our parent volunteers, Helen Gilbert, Blakeney Kurad, Michelle Tobias, Shannon Hutcheson, and Jessica Weaver, for their help with this event.

The Class of 2022 has their very first alumni event on August 7, the Summer Sendoff, where they’ll be able to pick up their yearbook, and catch up with classmates and faculty one last time before heading off to their next adventure.