Daniela Rimer '04: Rice University Highlight

Daniela Rimer ’04 has been featured by the Rice University School of Engineering for her work teaching dual language STEM classes for underserved students.

After arriving at Rice for her freshman year, Daniela came to realize how lack of STEM programming had put underrepresented communities of children at a disadvantage in preparing for those fields at the university level, if they arrived there at all. One of the biggest road blocks, she found, was the language barrier, and therefore began pursuing teaching STEM in Spanish.

“Recognizing these challenges – needing to lay STEM-foundations earlier and providing sound STEM experiences, especially for non-native English speakers – shifted my career to teaching elementary science and dual-language Kindergarten and second-grade,” said Rimer.

Daniela is now an instructor at STARBASE Austin, a STEM program hosted by the Texas Military Department at Camp Mabry.

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