Fall Upper School Sports Awards 2022

Please congratulate our Fall award recipients!
SPC Sportsmanship Awards
Cullen Dawkins, Boys Volleyball
Annie Zimmerman, Girls Volleyball

Sterling Wilson Awards
Bailee Beem, Girls Volleyball
William Dunaway, Cross Country

Fall Team Awards

Boys Volleyball
JV Boys Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Nate Donus
Coach’s Choice Award: Felipe Moreno
Most Valuable Player: Roman Rawie

Varsity Boys Volleyball
All-Zone: Cullen Dawkins
All-Conference: Cullen Dawkins
Most Improved Player – Ashton Knisely
Coaches’ Choice Award – Bo Staloch
Most Valuable Player – Cullen Dawkins

Most Improved Cheerleader – Emma Davis
Coach’s Choice Award – Alyssa Rodriguez
Most Valuable Cheerleader – Kelly Carolan

Cross Country
JV Cross Country
Most Improved Runner: Alex Sutton
Most Improved Runner: Caroline Newby
Coaches’ Choice Award: Ames Nicolas
Coaches’ Choice Award: Gabriella Berger
Most Valuable Runner: Clay Goldsmith
Most Valuable Runner: Lily Goldsmith
Varsity Cross Country
SPC All-Zone (by finishing top 20): William Dunaway (1st), Jake Gooch (3rd), Reed Robinson (10th), Kate Preheim (15th), and Ava Sweeney (16th)

SPC All-Conference (by finishing top 20): William Dunaway (1st), Luke Dial (5th), Jake Gooch (7th), Reed Robinson (12th), Kate Preheim (9th), and Ava Sweeney (10th)

Most Improved Runner: Reed Robinson
Most Improved Runner: Ava Sweeney
Coaches’ Choice Award: Luke Dial
Coaches’ Choice Award: William Sykes
Coaches’ Choice Award: Bella Benke
Most Valuable Runner: William Dunaway
Most Valuable Runner: Kate Preheim

Field Hockey
JV Field Hockey
Most Improved Player: Audrey Cotlar
Coaches’ Choice Award: Ava Barnard
Most Valuable Player: Annie McMullen

Varsity Field Hockey
All-Zone: Lily Martinez, Josie Powers
All-Conference: Josie Powers
Most Improved Player: Stormy Maebius
Coaches’ Choice Award: Emily Gregg
Most Valuable Player: Josie Powers

JV Football
Most Improved Player: Connor Roossien
Lineman of the Year: Ryder Runkle
Terry Tilton Award: Will May
Most Valuable Player: Will May

Varsity Football
Most Improved Player: Brooks Nelson
Lineman of the Year: Gus Stratton
Terry Tilton Award: Nick Flemings
Most Valuable Player: Sean Goodlett

Girls Volleyball
JV2 Girls Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Georgia Papavassiliou
Coach’s Choice Award: Olivia Brown
Most Valuable Player: Kaylee Johnson

JV Girls Volleyball
Most Improved Player: ML Townsend
Coach’s Choice Award: Grace Anderson
Most Valuable Player: Halston Fedorowicz
Most Valuable Player: Celia Gregg

Varsity Girls Volleyball
All-Zone: Bella Brand
All-Conference: Bailee Beem, Claire Nelson
Most Improved Player: Grace Stalcup
Coaches’ Choice Award: Annie Zimmerman
Most Valuable Player: Bailee Beem