Alumni host field trip at TX State Capitol

The Senior AP US Government and Politics class made a special field trip to the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday. SAS Alum Will Temple '12, a lobbyist, served as our main tour guide. Our students were invited into the House Gallery, which was closed at the time, for an exclusive talk with Texas House Parliamentarian, Hugh Brady. They then had the opportunity to hear from policy advisers to Rep. Donna Howard, who represents TX's 48th district in Austin, where they proposed their own ideas for bills/policies that they left with the Representative's staff, with the hope that one of their proposals might make it as a bill put forth by Rep. Howard. The group was later joined by Kate Sarahan '19, who is interning in Chris Turner's office, and (not pictured) Paige McGhee '09, a budget analyst. This was an incredible opportunity for our students to meet Alumni in the political field, and a chance for them to see the similarities and differences between what they have been learning about the federal government and what happens on the state level, how those governments interact and have together, and how there are so many possible jobs and roles that they could play should they decide to get involved in politics and government. Thank you to our alumni for guiding this exceptional educational experience!