Alumni - Help with Project Citizen!

Our 8th graders are almost midway through their Project Citizen experience, deep into their research and interviews. Many students could use help identifying people to interview for their topics, and that's where they need your help!
Please review the topics below, and email Head of Middle School Tim Moore at if you're able to help, provide connections or resources for our students!
The culmination of this project is the Civics Fair in Dell Hall on April 28th!
Problems with US Public School Funding (Texas)
Congenital Heart Defects
Medical Insurance Barriers for those with ALS
Texas Rural Health Care in Small Communities
Loss of Biodiversity in Texas
ADHD In Students
The Affordable Housing Crisis in the U.S.
The Effects of Redlining in Austin
The Positive Effects of Team Sports on Youth
Overfishing in the Gulf of Mexico
Alcohol Abuse in the U.S.
Understanding the Dangers of Fentanyl
The Cruelty of Animal Testing in Texas
Charter Schools and Austin Families
Carp Problem in Lake Austin
Youth Sports Crisis in America
The Effects of a Late ADHD Diagnosis in Women
Housing Costs for the Elderly in Austin
How the School System Affects Mental Health in Teen Girls
Microplastics in Our Bodies
Impact of Abortion Rights on Teenagers
Mental Illnesses in NCAA Athletes
How Will the Drought Affect Texas in the Long Run?
Lack of Immediate Health Care in Rural Areas
Managing Texas' Stray Dogs
Teacher Shortage in Texas
Reincarceration in Juvenile Prisons
OCD in Teens
Bridging Communication Barriers for the Deaf and Non-Deaf
Invasive Hogs and the Texas Agricultural Industry
Homecare Workers for Persons with Disabilities
Neurodivergent Portrayal in Media
E-waste Pollution
Gun Control in Texas
Generational Depression
The Invasion of Lionfish in the Atlantic
Child Healthcare in Austin
Urban Coyote Populations in Texas
Challenges for ADHD Students in Texas
Visually Impaired and the Associated Employment Gap
Impact of Divorce on Adolescence
Misleading and Harmful Dietary Supplements
Domestic Violence in Central Texas
Lack of Financial Literacy in Latino Immigrants
National Housing Affordability Problems
Anti-Semitism in Texas: Psychology and Continuation
Mistreatment of Chickens in Factory Farms
Sexual Assault: What You Need to Know
The Dangers of Gambling Addiction
Cost of Cancer Treatment
Lack of Trees in Austin
The Effects of Football on Players
Impact of Underfunding Public Schools
Youth Aging Out of Foster Care
The Link Between Mental Health and Teen Suicide
Why Kids Are Quitting Sports Before High School
SNAP: Combating Perceptions and Improving Its Usage
Entomophagy: The Wonderful World of Edible Insects
The Detrimental Conditions of Animal Testing
Racial Segregation in Austin
Data Breaches and Their Victims
College Affordability
Alcohol & Substance Use in Teens in Austin
Mental Health of Children in Hospitals
The Effects and Causes of Inequality in Softball
Gun Violence: What's the Actual Problem?
Affording Youth Sports
Inflation of the Housing Market in Austin
Displacement of African Americans in Austin
How School Dress Codes Affect Students
Access to Methotrexate
Issues with Fake News in Social Media
Habitat Loss: Disappearance of Natural Land
Climate Change in Antarctica
Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities in Texas
Textile Waste and Its Effects on the Environment
Increase in Eating Disorders in the U.S.
Deforestation in Malaysian Rainforests