Spring Sports Awards

Congratulations to our Spring teams & athletes!

12 Season Athlete Awards (2019 – 2023)
Morgan Harrison
Gavin Moore

SPC Sportsmanship Awards
Jack Ingram, Boys Tennis
Annie Li, Girls Golf

Sterling Wilson Awards
Sean Goodlett, Boys Lacrosse
Annie Li, Girls Golf

SPC Team Sportsmanship Award
Varsity Baseball, South Zone

Varsity Baseball
All-Conference: Sage Epstein & Reid Manti
All-Zone: Noah Castillo & Christopher Jarrett

Most Valuable Player – Sage Epstein
Most Valuable Player – Reid Manti
Coaches’ Choice Award – Marshall Harrell
Most Improved Player – Christopher Jarrett

JV Baseball
Most Valuable Player – James Dalton
Coaches’ Choice Award – Milo Malina
Most Improved Player – David Donoghue

Varsity Boys Lacrosse

Texas High School Lacrosse League
Honorable Mention: Cullen Dawkins
All-District: Caden Huston
All State: Grayson Coffin, Kai Cohagan, and Dylan Knighten

All-Conference: Grayson Coffin, Kai Cohagan, Cullen Dawkins, and Dylan Knighten

Most Valuable Player – Kai Cohagan
Coaches’ Choice Award – Sean Goodlett
Most Improved Player – Graves Wood

Varsity Girls Lacrosse

Central Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League 
All-District: Ava Barnard, Emily Gregg, Callie McDowell, Julia Millikin, Josie Powers, and Alex Precourt
All-State: Reese Goodman, Ella Townsend, Mary Louise Townsend and Nia Trevillion
All-Zone: ML Townsend & Nia Trevillion
All-Conference: Reese Goodman & Ella Townsend

Most Valuable Player – Ella Townsend
Coaches’ Choice Award – Emily Gregg
Most Improved Player – Stormy Maebius

Varsity Golf

All-Conference: Annie Li (6th); Loula Aycock (8th), and Bailee Beem (9th)

Most Valuable Golfer – Annie Li
Most Valuable Golfer – Jackson Harshbarger 
Coaches’ Choice Award – Loula Aycock
Coaches’ Choice Award – Addi Sell 
Coaches’ Choice Award – William Berry 
Most Improved Golfer – Bailee Beem 
Most Improved Golfer – Finn McGehee

Varsity Softball
Most Valuable Player – Jay Carter
Coaches’ Choice Award – Morgan Harrison
Most Improved Player – Lauren Minns

Varsity Tennis
All-Conference: Gabby Berger, Ross Cockrell, Jack Ingram, and Rase Mast
All-Zone: Litty Dasch, Ross Cockrell, and Jack Ingram

Most Valuable Player – Gabby Berger
Most Valuable Player – Jack Ingram
Coaches’ Choice Award – Kacie Jagger
Coaches’ Choice Award – Colin Timmermann
Most Improved Player – Emi Alderson
Most Improved Player – Cole Preston

Varsity Track & Field
SPC All-Conference (Top 3 Finish)
Boys 800m: Alex Nield
Boys 1600m: William Dunaway

Girls 400m and 800m: Kate Preheim
Boys 800m: Reed Robinson
Boys 3200m: William Dunaway
4x400 Boys: Alex Nield, Abraham Balser, Miles Nunez, and Reed Robinson

Boys Pole Vault: Carter Pease
4x800 Girls: Kate Preheim, Ava Sweeney, Bella Benke, and Anna Berry
4x800 Boys: Alex Nield, Luke Dial, William Dunaway, and Reed Robinson
4x400 Girls: Rory O'Hara, Ava Sweeney, Sonia Singh, and Kate Preheim

Most Valuable Athlete – Kate Preheim
Most Valuable Athlete – William Dunaway
Most Valuable Athlete – Reed Robinson
Most Improved Athlete – Bella Benke
Most Improved Athlete – Pruett Fedorowicz
Coaches’ Choice Award – Rory O’Hara
Coaches’ Choice Award – Anna Berry

JV Track & Field
Most Valuable Athlete – Piper Erickson
Most Valuable Athlete – Will May
Most Improved Athlete – Eleanor Carter
Most Improved Athlete – Sam Jones-Kokan
Coaches’ Choice Award – Liam Metschan
Coaches’ Choice Award – Grace Stalcup

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