Alumni Lead Upper School Business & Entrepreneurship Class

This semester, St. Andrew's alums Merritt Bury Rasmussen ‘09 and Whitney Langston ‘09 have been teaching a Business & Entrepreneurship class at the Upper School, exploring a range of topics with different alumni speakers. On November 15, the students took a trip to the Yeti corporate office for a tour (thanks to Allie Zodin ‘11), and began their final project presentations.
Many, many thanks to our alumni visitors who made this class possible:

Securing Funding and Starting Your Own Business: Flo Clemons ‘09 and Adair Cummings Belisle ‘09
Entrepreneurship in Real Estate: Callie Clemons Burns ‘07, John Sjoberg ‘11 and Chad McLaren ‘10
Entrepreneurship in Law: Jase Burner ‘09 and John Bennett ‘02
Entrepreneurship in Finance & Accounting: Allie Zodin ‘11, Dawson Lewis ‘08, and Nico Gayle ‘08
Entrepreneurship in Politics: Paige McGhee ‘09 and Will Temple ‘12
Entrepreneurship in the Arts: Susannah Haddad ‘11 and Elizabeth Birdsong ‘11
Entrepreneurship in Architecture: Kelsey Tucker Humphreys ‘08
Entrepreneurship in Mental Health/Therapy: Christy Tucker ‘05 and Nicole Greenwell Kelley ‘09
Entrepreneurship in Tech & Engineering: Colin Feo ‘11, Sam Leonard ‘11, and Kyle Quick ‘10
Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Space: Kayla Klingseisen ‘08 and Jake Boxberger ‘09
Building Your Brand: Irfan Alam ‘14

And special thank you to Merritt and Whitney for creating this incredible opportunity for our students!