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Alex Taube ‘08 and Adair (Townsend) Taube ‘07

Fellow alumni Alex Taube ‘08 and Adair (Townsend) Taube ‘07 both attended Texas Christian University and were soon married after graduation at St. Andrew’s Upper School chapel! Since then, they’ve traveled for work and for fun, and have some wonderful memories and advice to share with us.
Where did life lead you after graduating St. Andrew's?
Alex: After we graduated Adair went to TCU in '07 and I followed the year after. I joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity with Marshall Weber ‘08 and Adair joined Delta Delta Delta with Kaitlin Travis ‘07. I completed my business degree with a double major in Business Information Systems and Marketing. After Adair graduated, I surprised her with an engagement ring and we got married on November 2, 2012. After college, I took an offer with Textron in their Leadership Development Program, which was unique in that it required us to move annually. The first year we stayed in Fort Worth with Adair working as an oncology nurse and me working as an IT project manager at Bell Helicopter. The second year we moved to Providence, Rhode Island for my job at Textron's headquarters. Adair found a job as an ER nurse at a private hospital. Living in New England was an adventure for both of us since we both knew few people and had never experienced a true northern winter: they're cold. A year later, Bell offered to bring me on permanently back in Fort Worth and I accepted the offer. We moved to Dallas and Adair quickly found a job once again as an ER nurse at Presbyterian hospital. At the end of 2015, I received a call with an offer that I couldn't refuse working at Southwest Airlines right down the street from our home. I took the job and here we are! Adair has continued being a fantastic nurse and even won nurse of the month for December 2015 at her hospital! I'm "Luv"-ing (Southwest is all about "Luv") my new role at Southwest as a Sr. Systems Analyst in the IT Security department. 
Adair: I am currently a Nurse in the ER at Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Dallas (aka the "Ebola hospital"!) and love every minute. Last year, we purchased our first house,  and adopted a pup named Phife Dawg. One of our most favorite ways to spend our free time is to travel; highlights so far include Canada (twice), Bora Bora, and many other interesting locations.
Can you identify some skills you learned at St. Andrew's that are helping you in your life?
Alex: St. Andrew's gave me a tremendous work ethic. The number of responsibilities you get to assume at SAS prepares you to be successful in college and in life. Between sports, classes, homework, community service, and the array of arts, you have to learn how to work hard and manage your time early on. St. Andrew's also teaches you how to be engaged with anyone. You build relationships with all of your teachers due to the small class sizes and teaching styles. The parents are also incredibly involved at SAS which helps you build soft skills early on. It's a lot easier to act like an adult when you have many models to follow.  
Adair: St. Andrew's taught me that you can do just about anything you want, if you put the time and effort in. SAS's environment encourages creativity and individuality. I am always so thankful that I was able to attend a smaller school which allowed me the opportunity to play any sport, try out different arts and instruments, and serve my community (not to mention, the actual class/learning part).  
Can you name a teacher or class you took that had a lasting impact on you?
Alex: I think the class that had the biggest impact on me was also the most challenging class, John Works’ English class. English was my worst subject and Dr. Works wanted to make sure everyone was challenged. We wrote many papers in this class, often on challenging subjects, some of my best work to that point, and I would make the worst grades. Dr. Works and I talked about where I needed to improve. He made me a driven writer, because I wanted to prove to him that I was better than my last assignment. I think that translated to how I work, wanting to prove that I'm better than the last day. 
Adair: I should definitely give some credit to each of my advisors. I did not usually have much to say, but did actually listen to their advice. Special shout out to Ms. Guice! 
Do you have a favorite St. Andrew's tradition?
Alex: Can I have two? My sister, Sara Taube '06 created the Harvest Bowl her junior year, allowed me to help out and eventually take over after she graduated. It was a really fun and helpful fundraiser that brought in literal tons of food for El Buen Samaritano, plus who doesn't love beating St. Stephen’s? My second favorite is Contemplative Monday. I always looked forward to the unique artistic contributions that people would offer. There have been a truly significant number of talented artists at SAS and this was just another representation of their ability. 
Adair: I absolutely loved Contemplative Monday during chapel. I never actively participated, because it is not in my personality to get up in front of a crowd by choice, but nonetheless I always looked forward to that time (especially when Alex would perform!). 
What advice would you give a St. Andrew's senior as they prepare to graduate?
Alex: Enjoy it! St. Andrew's is a unique place and the people are genuine. Make an effort to stay in touch with your high school friends/teachers/families. Try things you've never tried before, because the best place to learn is outside your comfort zone. Push yourself and never stop making yourself better. 
Adair: First, take as many AP tests as you can. Second, if you go to college right away, you should take your classes seriously, but also leave plenty of time for fun. Keep up with your high school friends but make sure to make many new ones as well. If you are able to do so, travel abroad. Do not feel pressure to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life; at least not right away. Some of you may do exactly what you envisioned since age 5, and for others it may take much longer to figure it out; it's okay to change majors, change professions, change your mind. It is not a race or a competition, just try to do what makes you happy. 

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