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Trace Turner '13

Trace is directing the show "Constellations" by Nick Payne in Austin this summer, June 30-July 3 at The OffCenter. Fellow alum Ray Dietz '13 is his stage manager. Read about Trace's life since graduating SAS here.
How did you and Ray get connected to work on this together? Have you worked together before?
Ray Dietz and I were both lifers at SAS and we've been working together for a long time. We did a couple shows together and ended up doing our Senior Project together which was putting on a production of Eugene Ionesco's “The Killer.”
Where did life lead you after graduating St. Andrew's?
After I graduated SAS I attended Pace University for a year and a half before transferring to Webster Conservatory in St. Louis, where I am now. In the time between my transfer I took time off of school to work both at SAS as a substitute teacher and in theatre and film in Austin. 
Can you identify some skills you learned at St. Andrew's that are helping you in your life?
My time management skills have definitely helped me since graduation. I also had teachers that challenged me to think more as an individual and as an artist. 
Can you name a teacher or class you took that had a lasting impact on you?
Rick Garcia's acting class of course had a huge impression on me and what I wanted to do. AP Art History with Marsha Russell made a large impact on how I see, understand, and appreciate art as well. Those classes together I think helped me become the director I am today. 
Do you have a favorite St. Andrew's memory?
Anytime we would be in the DFAC my senior year, which was a lot of the time. That new theatre quickly became a second home that was comfortable but also a place for us to create some really great work. My senior year we put on seven shows on the two stages. We were just very excited about doing more work, it was inspiring. 
What advice would you give a St. Andrew's student if they are interested in pursuing your field of work?
Remind yourself how much you love the work. Find and appreciate the little things that keep you invested and excited. This business is very challenging, I'm not going to lie. But if it makes you happy then it's right for you. Commit to it.

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