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Christina Stull '11

Christina Stull ’11 enrolled this fall as a member of the inaugural Dell Medical School class at the University of Texas.  Congradulations Christina! Read more on Christina's account of how her love for science stemmed from her time at St. Andrew's! 

“As a lifer, I was blessed to have been taught by many wonderful teachers in my 12 years at St. Andrews. Even through early teachers such as Mr. Robinson in middle school Life Sciences, I developed an early interest in science. Ms. Rasmussen, who taught me freshman Biology and AP Biology, further strengthened my desire to study biology. I also was thrilled to be able to take electives such as Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics, and especially Microbiology (taught by Ms. Tucker). I had so much fun doing my own research project on antimicrobial effects of spices in Microbiology that I ended up concentrating in Microbiology and minoring in Food Science at Cornell. In fact, I learned so much about techniques that I was able to do well in my Food Microbiology lab and even impressed my lab professor who strongly urged me to TA a General Microbiology Lab course. 
It wasn't just science teachers who helped me apply myself. Ms. Martens encouraged my creative writing and I ended up developing it further in college. l, and my art teachers (from Ms. Melear in lower school to Mr. Brooks in middle school and Mr. McCoy and Ms. Reed in high school) kept my interests well rounded and gave me a creative outlet amidst the science. It's quite difficult to not name every teacher I had, because so many of my teachers left a positive impact on me and helped me reach the point where I am at today. I used the knowledge I gained from my time with Father Leacock's wife, Dr. Leacock at UT to help me ace my difficult genetics course at Cornell. 
Overall, I entered my time at Cornell with strong foundations from all my teachers at St. Andrew's which helped me tackle not only my major but two minors and even graduate early. I was honored to be able to substitute teach there during my gap year while I applied to medical school and talk with my past teachers and friends throughout the process. I am overjoyed to be continuing my education in Austin, the community I hope to continue to serve throughout my life.” 

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