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Will Pearson '13

Will Pearson '13 has exciting news regarding a kickstarter game he's working on called Robottery 101
"Hey, Will here! I wanted to share that I just graduated from USC with a major in film studies and a minor in game design. As a part of my endeavors in making games, I've just launched a Kickstarter for a card game called Robottery 101! It's about building giant colorful robots in space college to impress your professors at the annual Robot Science Fair. I'd love to share this project with SAS alumni and current families, because I'm really proud of the game and I think it's a great game to play as a family!"
Robottery 101 is a card game about students at space college building giant robots for the annual Robot Science Fair. Players collect cards, each representing a different robot piece, and assemble them together into their own colorful robot creation. The game simulates the experience of making a school project and is meant to promote collaboration in a competitive space. Robottery 101 is a great game for kids and adults, perfect for a family game night - Will's team tested the game with more than a hundred players, ranging from the ages of 5 to 30. When making this game, Will was inspired by his time in high school and college as well as his love of Japanese animation (like when he led the SAS Anime Club). The game's Kickstarter reached its initial goal within 36 hours, and now they are aiming at stretch goals to improve the print quality of the game.
To support the project, you can go to this link. Every dollar helps!

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