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Fall Fest Creates Joy, Fond Memories for Students

The Lower School’s PE team gave Lower Schoolers a special Fall Fest preview this month, with the help of parent volunteers and Upper School students Jett Hampton ‘19, Hasie Sherman ‘19, and Kyla Thompson ‘20. Lower School students spent a morning rotating among supervised activities like quarterback toss, putt-putt, chicken flingers, zap the zombie, and lasso the longhorn to get them ready for the official Fall Fest event on October 22. Though the preview event was a special treat for the kids, Upper Schoolers Jett, Hasie, and Kyla had just as much fun playing with them and reminiscing! Click here to see a video clip on Instagram. The Fall Fest on Oct. 22 was a success (Click here to see photos of Fall Fest on Facebook) thanks to our Fall Fest Co-Chairs Laura Wallace and Laurel Simmons, parent volunteers, and to Frost Bank for donating the water.
Hasie says, “I loved working with the Lower School students because it reminded me of my time at the Lower School with all of the amazing faculty and the environment that is so special to younger grades. Seeing the creativity of the PE staff and the respect the students have for them, made me beyond happy because they all are such a core part of why the Lower School means so much to me and the source of so many of my best childhood memories.”

Hasie was a special surprise to some students: “For every new group that came into the gym, I had babysat at least 2 of them, which was crazy! I loved getting to surprise them during the school day and seeing them enjoy the games and their friends. Although they all know I went to the Lower School, I think it surprised them all to see that I actually knew the PE staff, the faculty, and could relate with them about their experiences in the Lower School.”

When asked for a favorite Fall Fest memory, Hasie adds, “ I did always love the dunking booth and the rock climbing wall. My mom worked at St. Andrew's for 16 years, so I went to Family Fair (now Fall Fest) before I could even walk, and I remember being so eager to finally be able to do the dunking booth. My older sisters loved it, so when I was finally old enough to be dunked, it sort of felt like another right of passage that I had finally achieved!”

Though Jett did not attend St. Andrew’s in Lower School, he says, “It was really great working with [the students]. They seemed super excited to see me, Hasie and Kyla. They were all very energetic. When I was manning the cornhole toss station, three kids in a row made all 4 and everyone was getting super pumped.”

Kyla recalls, “My favorite memories from Fall Fest aren’t just the things we did, but the fact that my mom was there with my dad... The one thing I will remember most from my mom being at Fall Fest was the year she walked next to a camel that my brother, Taylor, and my sister, Katelyn, were riding with me.” She adds, “It was so much fun being back at the Lower School and back in the gym where I used to play. It was really funny at the nerf gun station, the kids were just as excited to pick up the nerf bullets as they were to shoot them!”

Thanks to our parent volunteers and PE staff for making Fall Fest another memorable occasion for our students! Click here to see photos of Fall Fest on Facebook.

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