Lower School


Art, music, and drama are part of the daily routine at St. Andrew's. Students explore topics from their science or social studies lessons further in their art classes, through painting, sculpture, collage, and other multi-media forms. Leonardo da Vinci's famous inventions are a student favorite, and the latest addition of a 3-D printer to the art room has students excited for more artistic exploration.
Music classes often incorporate movement to help students understand rhythm and melody. Students learn how to use percussion instruments and recorders as an introduction to music literacy that can be further explored in the school band. Vocal range is developed in class and maintained through daily singing in chapel and seasonal choral performances throughout the year.
Drama classes prepare students for brief skits and readings in chapel services, to more full-scale productions that include makeup, costume, and choreography. While the second-graders memorize lines and create puppets for their Stone Soup performance in chapel, sixth-graders are preparing for dramas like Treasure Island or musicals like Seussical.
"I like my art class because there's always an interesting question on the board for us, and we get to draw our answer. The other day it was 'What would the world look like without gravity?'" - Fifth grader

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Located in Austin, Texas, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a private co-ed elementary, middle and high school for grades K-12. Students benefit from dedicated faculty, a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.