Upper School

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional Learning in the Upper School supports the fulfillment of each student’s potential through the consistent emphasis on taking care of self, relationships, and the community.
SEL in the Upper School is the continuation of the students' journey, culminating in a greater emphasis on service to the community.  Individuals cannot serve the greater community and one another without first having the ability to control, manage and regulate their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Skills such as stress management, decision-making, time management, advocacy, and gratitude are discussed weekly through student-led advisory activities and discussions.

As the students mature and develop more self-awareness, they are asked to reflect on this question, “How can I serve my peers and the greater community with my talents and skills?”  Leadership and mentoring opportunities allow our Upper School students the opportunity to practice and develop these relational skills.  

Beginning freshmen year, students have the opportunity to run for and join a variety of councils on campus.  There is also a weekly, student-led advisory with a variety of social and emotional themes.  Entering junior and senior year, students can apply for leadership and mentoring groups which spend intentional time reaching out to younger grades on both the Upper and Middle School campuses.

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