Our NCAA Athletes

St. Andrew's strives to help each student athlete realize their full potential. Our Team Mentoring program, college athlete events, and college counseling program all work together to educate our students about college-level competition and help them navigate the decision making process.

Each year, a number of St. Andrew’s School athletes continue their athletic careers in colleges across the country. Below is the list of St. Andrew’s graduates who participated in NCAA Division I, II, or III.

Class of 2020

Chelan Beavers (Volleyball at Millikin)
John Fontenot (Swimming at Trinity-SA)
Ethan Hanna (Lacrosse at Centre)
Chase Samuels (Baseball at Haverford)
Patrick Wilson (Football at Claremont McKenna)

Class of 2019

Jett Hampton (Tennis at Babson)
Nathan Lietzke (Volleyball at Stanford)
Michael Thomas (Football at Rhodes)
Emma Tuhabonye (XC/Track at Wesleyan-CT)

Class of 2018

Jaxon Cady (Baseball at Rhodes)
Chandon Chhikara (XC/Track at Pepperdine)
Billy Clark (Track and Field at Rhodes)
Hanna Judycki (Soccer/Softball at Sewanee)
Gabriel Kennedy (Swim at Southern Methodist)

Class of 2017

Aaron Garcia (XC/Track at Trinity-SA)
Barrett Guttell (Volleyball at Mississippi)
Noah Moore (Baseball at Allegheny)
Harrison Rozman (Swim at Rhodes)
Isaac Segura (Baseball at Rhodes)

Class of 2016

Cole Baker (Football at MIT)             
Caroline Biggar (Volleyball at Brown)
MacKenzie Cowan (Lax at Southwestern)
Keaton Drummer (Football at Adams State)
Blais Herman (Football at Bucknell)
Adam Myers (Football/Track at Rhodes)
Matthew Speitel (Baseball at Case Western)


Class of 2015

Scott Politz (Baseball at Yale)
Andrew McInvale (Baseball at Liberty)
Oliver Langselius (XC/Track at Trinity-SA)
Ally Sherwood (XC/Track at Sewanee) 
Brian Wongchotigul (XC/Track at Trinity-SA)

Class of 2014

Thomas Craig (Baseball at Texas-Dallas)
Richard De Los Santos (Football at Southwestern)
Brandon Hawkins (Football at Campbellsville)
Brianna Hardeman (Track at Rhodes)
Julia Josowitz (XC at Kenyon)
Matthew Lee (Tennis at Air Force)
Garrett Myers (Football at Claremont McKenna)     
Jaron Shrock (Baseball at Swathmore)
Megan Thompson (Swim at Whitworth)

Class of 2013

Austin Brown (XC at Trinity-SA)
Ashley Dill (Lax at Rhodes)
Isabelle Kerr (Soccer at Texas-Austin)
Olivia Liebman (Soccer at Vanderbilt)
Daniel Stroe (Swim at Trinity-SA) 
Carter Tomsu (Football at Rice)


Class of 2012

Preston Dewey (Football at Miami-Florida)  
Meghan Houston (Diving at Texas-Austin) 
Alessandra Quaroni (Lax at Occidental)


Class of 2011

Roberto Diaz (XC at Oklahoma Christian) 
Anna Howard (FH/Lax at Wesleyan-CT)
Gareth Hutton (Baseball at Texas-Dallas)
Rachel McCarthy (Lax at Pfeiffer)
Katherine Stegmann (Lax at Vassar) 
Reid Swanger (Gymnastics at Michigan)

Class of 2010

Susan Bartoletti (Rowing at Old Dominion)
Carter Cowan (Lax at Southwestern)
Elle Moody (XC at Rice)
Erin Reifsnyder (Lax at Goucher)
Jillian Richardson (Volleyball at St. Lawrence)

Class of 2009

Nick Belisle (Baseball at Rhodes)
Josh Blount (Track and Field at Rhodes)
Jake Boxberger (Basketball at Trinity-SA)
Hank Brigham (Football at Holy Cross)
Whitney Langston (XC at Rhodes)
John McNamara (XC at Texas-Austin)
Sam Selman (Baseball at Vanderbilt)

Class of 2008

Martha Cowley (Volleyball at Rhodes)
Tori Harrison (Lax at California-Berkeley)
Ryan Holody (Swim at Sewanee)
Philip Swanger (Football at Davidson)

Class of 2007

Robert Breckinridge (Lax at Haverford)
Chase Calvert (Swim at Pennsylvania)
Katie Fitzpatrick (Volleyball at Yale)        
Julianna Heck (Lax at Old Dominion) 
Greg Hutton (Baseball at Texas Lutheran)
Sydney McCarthy (FH at Randolph Macon)
Whitney Myers (Equestrian at Sewanee)     

Class of 2006

Ryan Byk (Golf at Rhodes)
Andrew Heimsath (Lax at Guilford)
Jessica Hutton (Volleyball at Howard Payne)
Tito Kohout (Football at Guilford) 
Alex Walsh (Swim at Vanderbilt) 

Class of 2005

Trey Axe (Baseball at Sewanee)
Kyle Fadal (Football at Tulsa)
Christy Tucker (XC/Track at Davidson)

Class of 2004

Nathan Michaud (Swim at Texas-Austin)
Laura Milton (Volleyball at Lehigh)
Ginny Walsh (Swim at Denison)
Hunter Williams (Baseball at Sewanee)

Class of 2002

Barbara Breckinridge (FH/Lax at Haverford)
Will Weaver (Assistant Coach at Texas-Austin)

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