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P.E. and Sports Performance

The mission of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School PE/Athletics Department is to build the foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness and well-being within a positive environment that empowers each student to reach their full potential.

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  • K-5 Physical Education: Physical Education

    St. Andrew’s is committed to daily physical activity in grades K-5. Physical Education classes focus on helping students build fundamental skills, develop healthy habits and promote sportsmanship through games and activities.

    In kindergarten, students attend 30-minute classes. Our focus is to teach the students the value of physical activity and develop key social skills including good sportsmanship and teamwork. We introduce them to a variety of skills to improve balance, hand and eye coordination, flexibility and strength. Jump roping, throwing, catching, kicking, and movement education are just a few they are introduced to and practice throughout the year.
    In grades 1-4, students attend 30-minute classes and rotate through units to develop skills such as throwing and catching, jump roping, striking, movement education, juggling, climbing, rhythmical movement and kicking/punting.
    In grade 5, students attend 30 minute-classes and the primary focus for this age group is introducing them to activities. Some include volleyball, flag football, archery, kickball, spikeball, floor hockey, basketball, badminton, pickleball, table tennis, soccer and track.
  • MS Physical Education: Athletics Electives

    All middle School students either participate on an athletics team or participate in an athletics elective four days per week. Athletics electives are designed to expose St. Andrew’s students to as many enjoyable activities as possible to develop a passion for lifelong activity and fitness. Activities vary per season, but may include Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Pickleball, Offseason Athletics, Taekwondo, and more!
  • US Physical Education: Strength & Conditioning

    The philosophy behind St. Andrew's strength and conditioning program is direct and may be summed up in three words. Enter. Embrace. Excel. This mantra is based upon the phrase found above each of the three entry points into the St. Andrew’s Strength and Conditioning Center, which reads “Enter These Doors, Embrace The Challenge and Excel In Competition.”
    Though the slogan is easy to recite, its simplicity is not indicative of our training sessions or the holistic approach to fitness, health and wellness we promote.
    The purpose of "Enter. Embrace. Excel" (E3) is to cultivate our participants physically and mentally so that when it is time to perform, they are able to execute at a high level. We accomplish this goal by encouraging our student athletes to take part in our multi-faceted programming, which is offered during the eighth block.