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The St. Andrew’s softball program begins in middle school and culminates with the Varsity team.  
Our middle school program focuses on building each player's basic fundamental skills in softball by using developmental progression specific to middle school aged players.  For the duration of a player’s softball career, these fundamentals will serve as the foundation and focus of their development.  Once in high school, our players will continue working on the physical skills, but we will also incorporate the mental part of the game.  

At the Varsity level, we compete in the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC). Our team takes overnight trips to Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston for conference games.  For non-conference games, games are generally scheduled against both public and private schools in the Central Texas area.

We believe that the traits necessary for success in softball, and sports in general, are fundamental for success in life.  While fostering the development of life-enriching characteristics we strive to help our players maintain a healthy self-confidence, while using adversity and constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve one's whole self.

These fundamentals will serve as the foundation and focus of their development.

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