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Girls Volleyball

The objective of the program at St. Andrew's is to offer athletes an opportunity to enjoy, learn and compete in the sport of volleyball.
Our main objective for 5th through 8th grade will be to develop a love for the game, be a good teammate, and learn the skills necessary to play the game and succeed.

For 9th grade and on, we work to develop team goals and then train towards them. Through the values of being a good teammate and applying maximum effort, the program will adjust, introduce and reinforce the tools needed to create opportunities during their journey to meet those goals.

Through the process, the players will have fun and experience a development style in the 5th through 8th grade teams and a more competitive style from 9th grade until they finish their time at St. Andrew's. The approach to coaching here is open, informative and goal-focused, and what is learned in this program will forever help on and off the court.

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    Candice Fuchs 

    Upper School Math Teacher; Girls Volleyball Program Director