The mission of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School PE/Athletics Department is to build the foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness and well-being within a positive environment that empowers each student to reach their full potential.

Strength & Conditioning

The philosophy behind St. Andrew's strength and conditioning program is direct and may be summed up in three words. Enter. Embrace. Excel. This mantra is based upon the phrase found above, or on, each of the three entry points into the St. Andrew’s Strength and Conditioning Center, which reads “Enter These Doors, Embrace The Challenge and Excel In Competition.”
Though the slogan is easy to recite, its simplicity is not indicative of our training sessions or the holistic approach to fitness, health and wellness we promote.
Enter. Embrace. Excel’s, or E3’s, purpose is to cultivate our participants physically and mentally so that when it is time to perform, they are able to execute at a high level. We accomplish this goal by encouraging our student athletes to take part in our multi-faceted programming, which is offered during the eighth block.

E3 Workouts

Each workout is comprised of a comprehensive and dynamic design, which encompasses the entire body and its different energy systems.
While each session has an assorted focus, we provide the necessary methods required to become a complete athlete. We utilize exercises that positively impact overall strength, explosiveness, speed, agility, balance, coordination, stability, flexibility, mobility and endurance.
We believe in order to be a successful athlete one must become a functional athlete. In order to achieve our goals, we break the program into three distinct blocks throughout any given trimester.
Beginning with a foundational phase (four weeks), we are able to progress into intermediate exercises (four weeks), which culminates with a performance phase during the final three weeks in preparation for the athlete’s upcoming season.
This same model is employed and repeated with the beginning of each trimester. Our Athletic Department’s ultimate ambition is to consistently compete for SPC championships, and we are convicted that an effective strength and conditioning component is the first step in achieving this objective.
More Information

Contact our Strength & Conditioning Coaches Jennifer Schassler or Taylor Stewart

Fitness For Life

Course Description

This course was designed to inspire students to take ownership of their chosen lifestyle and infiltrate it with physical activity, and wellness. Students will be provided with a range of health related fitness and wellness opportunities that will enhance their knowledge and understanding of their own lifestyle choices. Students will develop confidence in an array of physical activities, which will lead them to discover fitness and wellness activities they enjoy, and can sustain for a lifetime. Ultimately, this course will focus on developing and enhancing personal growth in all domains of learning, being and doing. This will be accomplished through physical activities and sports that will enhance cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, social interaction and overall wellness.

Students will rotate through a variety of activities in the following four units: Boxing, Strength & Agility, Yoga/Pilates, and Sports & Games.
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Contact our Associate Athletic Director Kristen Benjamin

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