St. Andrew's Board of Trustees is entrusted with the great responsibility of operating the non-profit entity of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, an independent Episcopal school. Members of the Board serve staggered three-year terms and two-thirds of our members must be Episcopalian.  The bylaws state that students here are to be instructed in the Christian religion according to the teachings of the Episcopal Church and that St. Andrew's operate an accredited program.
Duties of management of the school are divided with the Head of School, the Board's sole employee. This includes managing the assets and finances of the school, undertaking expansion projects, and overseeing the physical plant. In addition, the Board also oversees and supports the school’s fundraising activities. All work is conducted using a traditional committee structure. The Head of School is responsible for the daily operation of the school, including such duties as employing faculty and staff, developing the curriculum, and enacting rules of conduct or discipline.
The Board meets in order to conduct our business including regular Board Meetings held on alternating campuses, an annual audit, and producing the Long Term Strategic Plan for the school at regular intervals.
Board of Trustees 2023-2024

List of 19 items.

  • Yvette Rios

    Board Chair
          Current Upper School Parent
  • Thomas Queen

    Vice Chair
    Current Upper & Middle School Parent
  • Nicole Brennig

    Secretary, Chair, Advancement Committee
    Current Upper & Middle School Parent
  • Verónica Rosas Fernandez

        Current Middle School Parent
  • Sean Greenberg

    Treasurer, Chair, Finance Committee
    Current Upper & Middle School Parent
  • John Burnham

          Current Upper School Parent
  • Beth Cohen

    Current Lower & Middle School Parent
  • The Rev. Angela Cortiñas

  • Silver Garza

                      Alumni Parent
  • Vicky Gregg

        Current Upper School Parent
  • Jeff Howard

                      Alumni Parent
  • Michael Hsu

         Chair, Master Planning
         Current Upper School Parent
  • Grace Ingram-Eiser

    Liaison to the Parent Association
      Alumni Parent
  • Chris Mabley

                  Alumni Grandparent
  • Anne Smalling

         Current Upper School Parent
         Chair, Investment Committee
  • Ravi Reddy

       Current Lower School Parent
  • Robert Strauss

      Current Lower, Middle, and Upper School Parent
  • Aisha D. Gayle Turner

                        Current Lower School Parent
  • Jason Near, Ex-Officio

                Chair of Committee on Trustees 
                 Past Board Chair
                Current Upper School Parent