Student Life

Clubs & Activities

A St. Andrew’s education happens both inside and outside of the classroom.
Throughout a student’s time at our school, they have the opportunity to join a wide variety of enrichment clubs, where children can realize their extracurricular interests and talents in a smaller setting and make lasting memories. Student involvement helps students to build necessary life skills and allows them to get to know students and faculty members on a deeper level.

Some of our many clubs include Creative Writing, Strategic Gaming, French Club, Shakespeare Club, Coalition for the Environment, Speech and Debate, Legos and Robotics, Documentary/Mockumentary Film Making, Chinese Culture, Tabletop Games Club, and Outdoor Survival. There is truly something for everyone!

Upper School Clubs for 2022-2023

List of 29 items.

  • Anthropology Club

  • Aware Awake Alive

  • Beekeeping Club

  • Birdwatching Club

  • Blockchain Club

  • Book Club

  • Business Club

  • Cheese Club

  • Chess Club

  • Chinese Club

  • Coalition for the Environment

  • Cornhole Club

  • Dungeons and Dragons Club

  • Games Games Games

  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance

  • Golf Club

  • Highlander Medical Club

  • Investing Club

  • Juggling Club

  • Microfinance Club

  • Model UN

  • SAS Spirit Club

  • Science Olympiad

  • Spanish Club

  • Spanish Club

  • Speech and Debate

  • The Sure-Footed Co-Op

  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

  • Women in Sports Club

Middle School Clubs 2021-22

List of 18 items.

  • Aerobics Club

  • Basketball Club

  • Book Club

  • Community Service Club

  • Deck Tennis Club

  • Entrepreneurship Club

  • Football Club

  • Hand Lettering Club

  • Japanese Language, Food, and Culture Club

  • Jewelry Making 101

  • Movie Club

  • Pickleball Club

  • Spanish Club

  • STEAM Club

  • Strategic Games Club

  • Watercolor Painting Club

  • Wiffleball Club

  • World Of Dance