Rollins Library - 31st Street Campus

Welcome to the Rollins Library, the research and study resource for St. Andrew's Lower and Middle School students!

Subscription Databases and Resources

The Rollins Library programs are designed to encourage students to become lifelong learners and active, independent, discriminating users of ideas and information.

A diverse collection of both print and non-print materials are maintained to support the curriculum, interests, and needs of the St. Andrew’s community. 

The Lower School and Middle School collections are housed in the Rollins Library and the Middle School Reading Room.  The collection consists of over 30,000 print titles, periodicals, online databases, reference materials, instructional media, in addition to a growing collection of ebooks. Our librarian works in collaboration with the classroom teachers and students during the school day and in library/media classes to find the "right" book, to complete research projects, and integrate 21st-century competencies.

Library Hours

Monday - Friday
7:20 am - 4:00 pm

Learning Commons - Southwest Parkway Campus

The Learning Commons is, in many ways, the center of the Upper School. Housed in the Dell Academic Center, it sits in the middle of the campus offering a wealth of research, study, and inquiry resources to the hundreds of students who utilize it every day.
The upper school library offers a diverse collection of both print and non-print materials to support the curriculum, interests, and needs of the St. Andrew’s community.  These include a robust, engaging, and well-curated collection of print titles, ebooks, periodicals, online databases, and reference materials.  Additionally, the library encourages hands-on learning, active collaboration, creative problem-solving, and artistic expression with a collection of materials, tools, and technology.

Our librarian collaborates with faculty to integrate information fluency skills into the curriculum, complete research projects, promote student inquiry and self-directed learning, and to build a collection, program, and learning space that actively support student academic achievement and social-emotional growth.

We're open from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday.
Come check out a book and stay a while!

Meet the Library Team

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Caroline Turelier

    Caroline Turelier 

    Lower & Middle School Librarian
  • Photo of Leah Dorsett

    Leah Dorsett 

    Upper School Learning Commons Librarian
  • Photo of Ana Garcia

    Ana Garcia 

    Upper School Library Educational Technologist & Testing Coordinator
The library’s goal is to foster a lifelong love of learning and to help students to engage creatively, critically, and ethically in the active exchange of ideas and information that marks modern academic life, both in and out of the classroom.