Student Life

Social Emotional Learning

The theme of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) at St. Andrew’s encourages the healthy development of self, relationships, and community. Our K-12 program strives to intentionally guide our students to a greater sense of self and self-regulation; how to establish, build and maintain healthy relationships; and provide opportunity for each student to use these skills to positively affect the school community.

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  • Lower School

    The SEL program in the Lower School is adapted from the Responsive Classroom’s CARES program. St. Andrew’s faculty and students emphasize, practice, and assess growth in each of the core value areas of Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self-Control. Our teachers are trained in Responsive Classroom strategies, techniques, and daily routines and faculty also uses a shared resource library, developed and grown by each grade level team and department.
  • Middle School

    As students move to the Middle School, they take more ownership in contributing to our community. Leadership opportunities are opened up in advisory, chapel, community service, the house system, the cabinet system, and more. Students learn that leading “from the middle” -- showing good moral citizenship during everyday community interactions -- has just as positive an impact as the actions of those leading “from the front.”
  • Upper School

    Upper School sees our students maturing and developing more self-awareness. With that, we put a great emphasis on service to the community. In order to serve oneself, one another, and the larger community, young people need skills like stress management, decision-making, time management, advocacy, and gratitude, which we cultivate through student-led advisory activities and discussions. Moving through high school, students are asked to reflect on the question: “How can I serve my peers and the greater community with my talents and skills?” They are able to develop these relational skills with myriad community service, mentoring, and leadership opportunities available in high school. From a variety of student councils to junior and senior groups that mentor our younger Highlanders on both the Middle and Upper School campuses, students are able to fulfill their potential and take advantage of all that St. Andrew’s has to offer.