Senior Challenge

Each spring, the senior class begins their transition from students to SAS Alumni. We know our seniors are ready and excited to move to their next steps, but we want to ensure they are able to connect with our wonderful St. Andrew's alumni community.

There are three components for seniors to complete:
  • Update your email address with the Alumni Relations Office. This allows the school to stay in touch about alumni events, faculty updates, and more.
  • Make a reunion pledge. Make a pledge to the St. Andrew's Fund this year to fulfill in five years when the Class of 2024 comes back for their first reunion in 2029!
  • Register for True Blue. Our alumni network at is a great place to connect with fellow alumni. Members can share photos, post or accept mentorship opportunities, join regional groups, and more.

Update Your Email

    Make sure St. Andrew's has your personal email address so we can stay in touch with you about events, faculty retirements, and more.

    53% of the Class of '23 updated their email addresses... can the Class of '24 get to 100% to stay connected???
    Make a Pledge

    Make your pledge to the St. Andrew's Fund to be fulfilled at your first reunion in 2028, and pay it forward for St. Andrew's faculty and students.

    Of the 108 members of the Class of 2023, 36% made a Reunion Pledge.
    36% of the Class of '23 made their reunion pledges... can the Class of '24 get to 50%?
    Join True Blue

    Register with our True Blue Alumni Network and connect with fellow alumni, share photos, find mentorship opportunities, join regional groups, and more.

    20% of the Class of '23 joined the True Blue Alumni Network. Let's get the Class of '24 to 40% or higher!