Upper School

Our Upper School students explore and discover who they are with the guidance of devoted faculty and staff. Teachers foster a love of curiosity and learning, provide extensive preparation for college, and help develop our students so they can shape the future for the better. Every student is known and deeply cared for.

A Place to Thrive

On a beautiful campus stretching across 166 acres of hill country in southwest Austin, our Upper Schoolers experience life as scholars, artists, athletes, and servants and graduate with a deep understanding of themselves as learners in the broader community. Our curriculum challenges our students with diverse course offerings and intellectually stimulating material. Faculty with a wealth of knowledge and experience encourage our students to hone their critical thinking skills, with students often undertaking independent learning supported by guidance from their teachers.

Meaningful Instruction

Students thrive on personal and meaningful engagement, and our average class size of 13 ensures that our teachers get to know their classes well. We know that college is top-of-mind for many Upper School families -- our nationally-known College Counseling program supports our students with a 1:8 counselor-student ratio.

Dedicated Faculty

Our faculty averages 17 years of experience, and every faculty member is dedicated to the long-term success of our students. At our school, each student is encouraged to be their very best self every day so they can move to their next adventure in life with confidence, compassion, resilience, and joy.