Student Life

Support & Wellness

St. Andrew's Counselors are committed to providing an additional safe place on campus for students to openly communicate, receive support, and be heard.
Students are welcome to drop into the counselor’s office or schedule a time to visit when they are not in class. Advisors, teachers, and administrators can refer a student about whom they are concerned to the counseling office. Parents are also encouraged to contact the Counseling office if they are concerned about their child and would like the counselor to check-in with them.
While all St. Andrew’s counselors proceed with appropriate action based on their professional judgment, they do not provide on-going therapy. If the counselor identifies a student to need on-going services, the counselor will contact the parents with appropriate referrals. In most cases, older students will be encouraged to inform their parents of their meetings and to give permission for the counselor to communicate directly with their parents.

Meet the Counseling Team

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Heather Latreille

    Heather Latreille 

    Upper School Counselor
    (512) 299-9681
  • Photo of Diana McCue

    Diana McCue 

    Counselor, Grades 5-8
  • Photo of Jasmin Vara

    Jasmin Vara 

    Lower School Counselor

Learning Support and Resources

St. Andrew’s strives to provide the best learning environment for its students.  Students are supported in a variety of ways, through advisory programs that offer social-emotional encouragement and academic departments that provide direct assistance as needed.  
In that same spirit, the School’s Learning Resource program administers a range of services designed to further sustain student learning, academic progress, and emotional growth.  Consequently, students with a variety of learning differences have been successful at St. Andrew’s.  Staffed by three learning specialists (one in each division), the program provides short-term skills instruction to students, tutoring referrals, and support for students with disabilities that affect learning.

Meet the Learning Support Team

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Nuala Judycki

    Nuala Judycki 

    Director of Learning Services & Upper School Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Brianna Berkowitz

    Brianna Berkowitz 

    Director of Learning Services K-8
  • Photo of Amy Zimmerman

    Amy Zimmerman 

    Lower School Learning Specialist
    (512) 380-7006

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Perrin Shelton

    Perrin Shelton 

    Learning Specialist Grades 5-8
  • Photo of Paula McCoy

    Paula McCoy 

    Lower School Learning Specialist