Visual Arts

At every level, visual arts classes give students the opportunity to explore and learn in a different way through a variety of creative media.
Our younger students discover our Artist pillar early on, learning the basics of art, art history, and technique in their lower school classes. While being exposed to all kinds of new creative media, students in lower and middle school are frequently integrating interdisciplinary learning in their art classes. It’s not uncommon for students to explore topics from their science or social studies lessons further through painting, sculpture, collage, and other forms of multimedia.

The Upper School visual arts program features multi-year course offerings in filmmaking, studio art, and yearbook, and there are myriad opportunities to build an education rich in artistic understanding and appreciation. Students in our fine arts classes have the opportunity to study with accomplished professionals, receive college art scholarships, pursue careers in visual arts, television, and film, and perform and exhibit their work professionally.