Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions by families throughout the admissions process at St. Andrew's. If you have a question that isn't answered below, click here to let us know.

General Questions

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  • How many students are in each division?

    For the 2022-2023 school year, our community has about 984 students with 564 students in our Lower/Middle and 420 students in our Upper School.
  • What is the classroom size and student teacher ratio?

     Our Kindergarten program has 50 to 54 students with 6 full-time teachers, a 9:1 student to teacher ratio.  From 1st through 5th grades the average classroom size is 16 to 18 students.  In Middle School & Upper School, the classroom size ranges from 12 to 18 students.
  • What are the school day hours for the 2022-2023 school year?  

    • Lower School: Kindergarten 8:10am to 3:00pm; 1st grade 7:50am to 3:10pm; 2nd grade 7:50am to 3:20pm; 3rd grade 7:50 to 3:25pm; 4th grade 7:50am to 3:30pm; 5th grade 8:00am to 3:30pm.
    • Middle School:  Grades 6-8  8:30am to 3:40pm
    • Upper School:  Grades 9 to 12 9:00am to 4:15pm. Athletic practices are Monday - Friday and generally after school from 4:15-6:15
    For the Lower School, parents can drop off at 7:30am and morning care will be available.  Please note that schedules may vary slightly from year to year.
  • Does St. Andrew’s provide lunch?

    Yes. At the Lower/Middle school a morning snack and lunch are provided daily and included as part of the tuition.  At the Upper School, breakfast and lunch are provided at no extra cost. 
  • Does St. Andrew’s provide after school care?

    Yes, St. Andrew’s offers a daily after school program for students from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  This program is called Beyond The Classroom (BTC), and is open daily from dismissal until 5:30pm.  There are two options:  daily supervised care (free play, snacks, library, games, arts & crafts, etc...) and enrichment classes that range from individual music lessons, to legos, to tennis, and many more!  Please visit our website for details and pricing and options.
  • Does St. Andrew’s provide bus transportation?

    St. Andrew’s offers a daily morning and afternoon shuttle bus from 31st Street (Lower & Middle school campus) to Southwest Parkway (Upper School campus).  There is also a morning shuttle from Southwest Parkway to 31st Street that departs at 7:00am. 
  • Do St. Andrew’s students wear uniforms?

    No. St. Andrew’s encourages students to dress comfortably and appropriately for school.  Closed-toe shoes are required in the Lower School grades. 
  • What foreign languages are offered and when?

     From Kindergarten through 5th grade students study Spanish.  Beginning in 6th grade we offer a language carousel where all students have a chance to take classes in Spanish, Latin and Mandarin, and then choose one to focus on for Middle and High School.  
  • What percentages of your seniors go off to college?

    100% of our graduates are accepted to four year universities. In the high school, we have a personalized program of one college counselor for 9 students.  To learn more visit our school profile. 
  • Do you have a pre-k program? 

    Our first year of entry is Kindergarten.  
  • What is your vaccination policy?

    St. Andrew's Episcopal School requires that all students from grade K through 12 are compliant with the Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements. All students must be up to date on vaccines and submit immunization records prior to the first day of school. Students requesting a medical exemption from the immunization requirements must annually submit a signed, dated letter from the student’s Texas-licensed, treating physician (M.D. or D.O.) specifically stating the basis for the exemption and that the required vaccines would be medically contraindicated or pose a significant risk to the health and well-being of the child or a member of the child’s household. Requests for medical exemptions will be considered and granted on a case-by-case basis. Students who have not received any vaccines will not be considered for medical exemption. The School does not accept exemptions for conscientious objections. If an outbreak or suspected outbreak of any vaccine preventable disease occurs in the state of Texas, any student who for whatever reason is not immunized may be excluded from school and all school-related activities.
  • What percentage of your population is racially diverse?

    What percentage of your population is racially diverse? For the 2022-2023 school year, 29% of our families and 25% of our faculty self-identify as racially diverse. 

Admissions Process

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  • What is the general admissions process? 

    We encourage prospective families to begin the admissions process the fall prior to an applicant’s entry year.  Beginning in mid-September, we offer a variety of information sessions, tours, and events to help parents learn more about our school community.  Please note that admissions requirements vary by grade level and for specific steps, please refer to our Application Checklists.  For first round consideration, all steps must be completed by January 25, 2023.
  • In what grades do you admit students?

    We admit students to all grades; however, our major entry years are Kindergarten (50 to 54 openings), 6th (20 to 25 openings) and 9th grade (40 to 50 openings). In all other grades, space for new students is based on attrition only and generally limited to 1 to 4 openings.
  • How do you handle out of town applications?

    Given the number of families relocating to Austin, we have a lot of experience working with out-of-town families. Families relocating to Austin are given an opportunity to speak directly with a member of the admissions team to discuss their personal circumstances.  If travel to Austin is not possible, we provide virtual options for parents and student interviews.  We encourage families to contact a member of the admissions team for additional information and next steps.  
  • When should we start the application process for Kindergarten? 

    Applications should be submitted the fall before your child enters kindergarten.  Please note that to be eligible for our  kindergarten, children must turn 5 by September 1 of their starting year.  If you have a special circumstance or a child whose birthday falls close to the September 1 deadline, please contact the Admissions Office.  Please note that we encourage children who turn 5 in the summer before starting kindergarten to contact us directly for guidance.  
  • Do you offer mid-year admissions? 

    Generally speaking, we do not offer mid-year admissions due to a lack of openings and because we have found it is a difficult transition for both the new student and for our community.  If you have a special circumstance, please contact a member of the admissions office to discuss.  
  • When are your application deadlines? 

    For first round consideration for entry to the 2023-2024 school year, completed applications are due on or before January 25, 2022.  We announce admissions (and financial aid) decisions on the first Friday of March. We accept late applications on a rolling basis and review files throughout the spring.  Please note that spaces are generally limited for late applicants. Please contact the admissions office to discuss submitting a late application.  
  • Will my child need to take any kind of testing? Why?  

    Applicants to the Lower School, grades K to 5, visit and participate in a series of activities that help us determine a child’s fit and placement in our community.  Applicants to the Middle and Upper School (grades 6 to 12) are required to take the ISEE or the SSAT.  Families are responsible for registering for this test. Additional information can be found on our website or through the online checklist. 
  • How can I prepare my child for the class assessment, class visit or shadow visit?

    No preparation is necessary.  The Admissions team will provide you with some general guidelines and suggestions prior to your child’s visit. 
  • Does St. Andrew’s have a wait pool/waitlist?

    Yes, every year we have applicants we believe would be a fit for our community, but unfortunately we have limited capacity.  If your child is placed in the waitpool, please indicate your interest in staying active and the admissions office will contact families should a space become available.
  • Do you rank wait pool/wait list applicants?

    No, applicants are offered admissions based on the composition of a class at the time a space opens up. 
  • What is the probability for wait pool/wait list applicants to be invited for admission?

    There are a variety of factors that may impact whether we consider students in the waitpool, and unfortunately, the factors vary from year to year and are impossible to predict. 
  • How soon will we learn if there is any movement regarding our wait pool/waitlist decision?

    In general, openings may occur in March, April or May that allow us to consider students in the waitpool.  Since June 1 is the contract binding deadline (i.e. families are responsible for the full year tuition) there is generally very little movement over the summer.  We keep the wait pool active until the first day of school so a spot can be offered to an applicant up until August.
  • How can my child increase their chances of being selected from the wait pool/waitlist?

    All candidates in the wait pool are qualified to attend St. Andrew’s, so there is nothing additional you need to do. We welcome new information including final transcripts, progress reports, and/or testing.

Financial Aid/Tuition Assistance

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We’re so glad for your interest in our school and look forward to introducing you to our wonderful community!