St. Andrew's Fund

We're so grateful that you would like to include us in your family's charitable giving. Because it supports all of our students and many different areas of the school, we ask that you consider making a gift to the St. Andrew's Fund first. The St. Andrew's Fund supplements the areas of greatest need at St. Andrew's–directly supporting every student and faculty member. Every gift counts for every student!

Why is Participation Important?

High community participation is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission. This supports our philosophy that we must all work together to provide our children and the future generations of graduates with the best possible education.

Your Generosity Makes Possible:

  • Technology upgrades that promote equity, stimulate motivation, and encourage deeper problem-solving.
  • Opportunities for faculty professional development, keeping educators engaged with the latest training, as well as supporting better recruiting and retention.
  • Facilities updates to ensure a safe and comfortable environment, allowing students to focus on their education.


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Thank You to Our 2020-21 St. Andrew's Fund Leadership Team!

2020-21 St. Andrew's Fund Chairs
Carrie and Craig Biggar (Upper School)
Ashley and Brett Shanks (Middle School)
Ashley and Travis Phillips (Lower School)
Chad McLaren '10 (Alumni)
Louise and Mark Michaud (Grandparents' Club)
12th grade Ambassadors (Class of '21)
Robin and Todd Bartee
Mari and Robert Josey
11th grade Ambassadors (Class of '22)
Grace and Adam Ingram-Eiser
Liza and Jeff Layne
10th grade Ambassadors (Class of '23)
Mary Beth and Anatole Barnstone
Carol and John '79 Lynch
9th grade Ambassadors (Class of '24)
Jenny and Dan Ahearn
Christian and Brandon Drake
Laurel and Mark Walrath
8th grade Ambassadors (Class of '25)
Kelly Kirkland and Dave Goren
Josephine Mwamuye and Eddie Trevillion
7th grade Ambassadors (Class of '26)
Liz and David Lawrence
Julie and Patrick Willis
6th grade Ambassadors (Class of '27)
Kristen and Ben Hanson
5th grade Ambassadors (Class of '28)
Tina Mabley and Chris Carson
4th grade Ambassadors (Class of '29)
Lisa '96 and Nicholas Miller
3rd grade Ambassadors (Class of '30)
Lisa and Steve Cuddy
2nd grade Ambassadors (Class of '31)
Morgan and Ryan Chapple
1st grade Ambassadors (Class of '32)
Briana and Matt Shepard
Kindergarten Ambassadors (Class of '33)
Daphny and Rico Ainslie


Contact Annual Giving Manager Beth Frost at (512) 299-9825 or