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SAGE Dining Services
St. Andrew’s is proud to partner with SAGE Dining Services to provide healthful and delicious meals for our students, faculty, and staff every day. In addition to preparing fresh food sourced from local vendors (and often, even our own St. Andrew’s garden), SAGE is also an educational resource on nutrition, food allergies, and dietary restrictions. Our SAGE team provides an interactive menu each day so students, parents, faculty, and staff know exactly what ingredients and food allergens are present in the day’s meals. 

The SAGE Seasonings® program keeps lunchtime fresh and exciting, offering special build-your-own options like an Avocado Toast Bar, Vietnamese Spring Roll Station, or a Baked Potato Bar with all kinds of toppings. Educational Seasonings® offers up a side of history with lunch, helping students learn about the culture and context behind some of their favorite foods. 

SAGE believes that healthy meals begin with education -- each day, they empower our students to make educated decisions about their own nutrition. To learn more about SAGE, please visit their website.