Technology at St. Andrew's enhances the dynamic learning experience faculty provide students every day. With access to cutting-edge digital tools and exceptional support, our students are learning something new every day, and having fun in the process!

Technology Initiatives

There's no stand-alone technology course at St. Andrew's; we incorporate age-appropriate tools and software into all classes at every grade level, creating a seamless tech education experience for students. Learn more about some of our technology initiatives below.

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  • 1-to-1 Device Program

    St. Andrew's believes that educational technology is an essential part of both the student and teacher toolkits. Our 1-to-1 Device Program ensures that every student in every grade has a device to assist with their learning. Since a student's learning outcomes and needs vary by age, we offer different devices by grade. Specifically:

    • Kindergarten-4th grades: iPads (provided by St. Andrew's, stays at school)
    • 5th-8th grades: Chromebooks (provided by St. Andrew's and brought back and forth from home)
    • 9th-12th grades: Dell or Apple laptop (purchased by the family and brought back and forth from home)
    Additionally, St. Andrew's faculty use either a Dell or Apple laptop, as well as an iPad (for teachers in Kindergarten through fifth grades). Students, faculty and staff receive extensive training and support to make the best use of these tools towards education.
  • Digital Citizenship

    Learning responsible behavior is paramount for students in today's rapidly changing digital world. Each of our Educational Technologists addresses digital citizenship at an age-appropriate level, providing lessons that students can apply both in and outside of school. Good digital citizenship practices are important for people of all ages, so we provide faculty and parents learning opportunities throughout the year too.
  • Responsible Use Policy

    "A good digital citizen at St. Andrew's Episcopal School acts with honor and practices safety."

    St. Andrew's makes use of a Responsible Use Policy to help define what is considered appropriate and inappropriate use of technology. The purpose of this document is to guide all K-12 students with a single, easily understood document. Parents are encouraged to use these guidelines to start their own conversations at home.
  • mySAS

    mySAS is the online companion to a student, parent and faculty member's experience at St. Andrew's. mySAS provides integral tools and information about school life tailored to each user's profile, including class pages, athletics team pages, an events calendar, and additional resources. You can login to mySAS here or via our homepage button. Reach out to for any assistance.
  • Exceptional Support

    The innovative use of educational technology at St. Andrew's is only possible when matched with exceptional day-to-day support. St. Andrew's maintains a two-person Helpdesk at each campus available to all students, parents, faculty and staff. Each division has a dedicated Educational Technologist who works with students and teachers on the best uses of their technology. Each campus also has a Library Media Specialist who reinforces thoughtful integration of technology.

Meet the Technology Team

St. Andrew's Technology Team comprises Department Leaders, Educational Technologists, Information Technologists and Library Media Specialists. It's a strong and diverse group of individuals focused on creating a transformative learning environment for students and providing innovative resources for faculty. While each member of the department is responsible for their own focus, discipline or division, they frequently collaborate on initiatives.

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  • Photo of Matt Lipstein

    Matt Lipstein 

    Director of Technology
  • Photo of Doug Alford

    Doug Alford 

    Institutional Analyst & Developer/Middle School Educational Technology Coordinator
  • Photo of Alexandra Baird

    Alexandra Baird 

    Lower School Director of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Photo of Ana Garcia

    Ana Garcia 

    Upper School Library Educational Technologist & Testing Coordinator
  • Photo of Kimberly Roberts

    Kimberly Roberts 

    Associate Director of Technology
  • Photo of Adam Starbuck

    Adam Starbuck 

    System Administrator
  • Photo of Caroline Turelier

    Caroline Turelier 

    Lower & Middle School Librarian