Middle School

Middle School further prepares St. Andrew’s students to be leaders, servants, and lifelong learners.

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  • Leadership and Community

    Leadership is a hallmark of our Middle School experience, and it is strengthened by our student council opportunities, house program, and advisory program. Our House program brings sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders together in teams on a weekly basis to plan and lead team-building activities for their peers. Here, students learn how to strategize, work with others, improvise, and handle success and failure. While the House program brings students together to lead, the Advisory program brings students to faculty members for advice and support. Faculty advisors guide students in dealing with self-management, social and self-awareness, building relationships, and responsible decision-making.
  • Preparation for the Future

    The Middle School years focus on continuing academic and personal growth in preparation for Upper School. Technology and theology classes move students into new and deeper intellectual territory, while our athletics requirement asks students to work together while pushing themselves physically. We keep our Middle School community connected through frequent team-building activities, advisory meetings, trips, and community service programs. Most important of all is the expectation for students to take on leadership roles -- students often lead class discussions, plan and host community activities, or rally classmates to support an offsite event. These sorts of roles develop confidence and a sense of responsibility, both traits they will need to be successful at the Upper School.
  • Time of Growth

    Middle School years are a time of rapid growth and maturity, and our faculty and staff work closely with middle school students to foster independence, hone leadership skills, and honor each child’s unique journey during these three special years. With small class sizes and a challenging, creative curriculum, our students are actively engaged in their learning process every step of the way. Continuing their quest as scholars, artists, athletes, and servants, our Middle School Highlanders experience complex and accelerated learning in their classes, daily chapel, physical education or athletics, meaningful community service, supportive advisory groups, and diverse choices in foreign language and fine arts.


Our middle school students have a wide variety of courses to choose from that meet their needs and interests while preparing them to be successful in high school and beyond. Click below to view course offerings. 

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  • What is Atlas?

    Atlas is our K-12 course database that provides broad guidelines on what is covered in each grade and course of study.
  • How is Atlas used?

    Our faculty use Atlas to document, understand, and improve the school's curriculum - it also helps us identify potential gaps and repetitions in units of study. It is a living resource that is updated and revised constantly to keep our program fresh and student-centered. Do not be surprised if you find teacher maps at different stages of development.
  • How do I filter in Atlas?

    1) Hover your cursor over Browse
    2) Click Course Description (short narratives) or Unit Calendar (specific skills) tab.
    3) Using the left-hand box filter, select a School, Grade, and Subject before clicking Browse.
    4) The results show either a course description or a link that will take you to a detailed map of a course's content.
  • Who can I contact for help?

    If you have more questions about Atlas, contact Mark Richards at