Upper School Fall Athletic Awards Recipients

Congratulations to all of our athletes on a great fall season! Every St. Andrew's athlete showed their hard work, dedication and sportsmanship, both on and off the field, court or trail and made us all very proud this season.  

Earlier this week, the following athletes were recognized by their coaches and the Southern Preparatory Conference (SPC) for the accomplishments, improvements and team leadership they demonstrated throughout the season. We congratulate the following students on their awards:
Cick here to view all photos of the recipients. Thank you to Daniel Mutter the photos.

JV2 Boys Volleyball:
Most Valuable Player – Matthew Farmer
Most Improved Player – Miles Eclarinal
Most Improved Player – Andrew Farmer

JV Boys Volleyball:
Most Valuable Player – Chaz Stitzer
Most Improved Player – Cullen Dawkins
Coach’s Choice Award – Bo Staloch

Varsity Boys Volleyball:
SPC Awards:

All-Zone: Pearce Strickland and Charlie Welland
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Kris Latreille
All-Conference: Chelan Beavers and George Moore

Team Awards:
Most Improved Player – Sina Mohammadi
Coaches’ Choice Award – Gehrig Zimmerman
Most Valuable Player – Trenton Jackson
Most Valuable Player – Pearce Strickland

JV2 Girls Volleyball:
Most Valuable Player – Sarah Cary
Most Improved Player – Rachel Kilgard
Coach’s Choice Award – Sienna Sherlock

JV Girls Volleyball:
Most Valuable Player – Ixel Aguilar
Most Valuable Player – Ella Townsend
Most Improved Player – Zoe Rogers
Coach’s Choice Award – Daphne Nguyen

Varsity Girls Volleyball:
SPC Awards:

All-Zone: Mia Arriaga and Kyla Thompson
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Lauren Lietzke
All-Conference: Mia Arriaga and Kyla Thompson

Team Awards:

Most Improved Player – Michaela Mgba
Coaches’ Choice Award – Lauren Lietzke
Most Valuable Player – Kyla Thompson

JV Field Hockey:
Most Valuable Player – Ines Martinez
Most Improved Player – Paige Kipke
Coach’s Choice Award – Lucy Layne

Varsity Field Hockey:

SPC Awards:

All-Zone: Georgia Northway and Kate Vandergriff
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Samantha Santa Cruz
All-Conference: Millie Sunshine

Team Awards:

Most Improved Player – Annie Goldman
Coaches’ Choice Award – Lily Hersch
Most Valuable Player – Georgia Northway

JV Cross Country:
Most Valuable Runner – Mariana Vidaurri
Most Valuable Runner – Hunter McDonald
Most Improved Runner – Jenna Schneider
Most Improved Runner – Ames Nicolas
Coaches’ Choice Award – Michael Barrow
Coaches’ Choice Award –Daniel Vidaurri

Varsity Cross Country:
SPC Awards:
All-Zone (Top 20): William Dunaway (16th) and Elle Garcia (7th)
All-Conference (Top 20): William Dunaway (18th, best finish by a freshman from any school this year) and Elle Garcia (13th)

Team Awards:

Most Improved Runner – Elana Chhikara
Most Improved Runner – Hayes Averill
Coaches’ Choice Award – Leah Claman
Coaches’ Choice Award – Nicholas Gab
Coaches’ Choice Award – Squeaky Buentipo
Most Valuable Runner – Elle Garcia
Most Valuable Runner – William Dunaway

Varsity Cheer:

Most Improved Cheerleader – Keara Moore
Coach’s Choice Award – Claudia Ellington
Most Valuable Cheerleader – Sophia DelConte

Varsity Football:
SPC Awards:
Honorable Mention All-Conference: Fabio La Pietra
All Conference: Cade Kilbride and Patrick Wilson

Team Awards:

Most Improved Player – Kenny Flores
Coaches’ Choice Award – Fabio La Pietra
Terry Tilton Award – Cade Kilbride

Sterling Wilson Award
Kyla Thompson
Sam Zapalac
Cick here to view all photos of the recipients.
Thank you to Daniel Mutter the photos.

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