7th grader, Major Jaimes, publishes children's book about his journey with OIT

Congratulations to 7th grader, Major Jaimes, on the release of his book My OIT Journey: How It Worked for Me. Major spent most of his life living with a severe dairy allergy.  He couldn't eat any dairy, or even come in contact with someone who had eaten it. About two years ago, he and his family decided to pursue oral immunotherapy. 
In a slow and controlled process, Major started to eat small amounts of dairy to build up his tollerance over time. After about six months of treatment Major completed the therapy and is now able to eat anything he wants. His book, written for grade school students, tells the story of his journey, including the struggles and challenges he faced, as well as the rewards and what the learned from the process.  

Since finishing OIT, Major has a new found love for pizza, ice cream and macaroni and cheese! To learn more about Major, his story and to purchase his book, visit www.myoitjourney.com