St. Andrew's Scientists Participate in Austin Regional Science Festival

On February 20 a small group of St. Andrew's scientists participated in the Austin Regional Science Festival at the Palmer Events Center. The Austin Festival is one of Texas' largest regional science fairs with almost 3,000 students participating. 
The students that presented their original research from St. Andrew's Upper School included:
  • John Fontenot
  • Joey Hersh
  • Jessica Liu
  • Luke Merritt
  • Gracie Moreland
  • Kaley Schneider
The following students received recognition for their research in the senior (high school) division ... 
Jessica Liu '20 received 4th place in her category (Animal Sciences) for her research, "The Effect of Hair Length on Its Reaction to Humidity"
John Fontenot '20 received 4th place in his category (Microbiology) for his research, "Bacteriophage Effectiveness in Simulated Gastrointestinal organs of the Human Body"
Gracie Moreland '20 received several special awards (listed below) for her research, "Sodium Bentonite Clay Based Fertilizer on Nitrate and Phosphate Concentration in Surface Runoff and Groundwater."
  • City of Austin Watershed Protection Hydrophiles Award
  • Stockholm Jr. Water Prize
  • TAWWA/WEAT Excellence in Water 2nd Senior Award
  • Earth Day - Positive Futures Award Sr