Athletics Caps Off 2020-21 Year With Spring Awards Ceremony

During a Chapel service on Friday, May 14, the Upper School community recognized the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) All-Conference, All-Zone Teams, Team Awards, and recipients of the Sterling Wilson Award. 

The selections were as follows:

SPC All-Zone

All-Zone: Wesley Aubin, Cole Nascone
Boys Lacrosse 
All-Zone: Sawyer Staloch, Jack Stout, Gehrig Zimmerman

Girls Lacrosse
All-Zone: Reese Goodman, Ella Townsend

William Berry (finished 6th place)

Track & Field
(Top 3 Finish)

9:50.5 (2nd)
Elle Garcia, Bella Benke, Rory O’Hara and Anna Berry

8:26 (3rd)
Alex Nield, Jake Gooch, William Dunaway and Ethan Langselius

Ethan Langselius (2nd)
SPC All-Conference
Elle Garcia
Rory O'Hara
Bella Benke
Anna Berry
Alex Nield
Jake Gooch
William Dunaway
Ethan Langselius

Sterling Wilson Award
Ana Castillo
Sawyer Staloch

Team Awards
JV Baseball
Most Valuable Player – Christopher Jarrett
Coaches’ Choice Award – Bo Wieland
Most Improved Player – Jaime De la Garza Montfort
Varsity Baseball
Most Valuable Player – Cole Nascone
Coaches’ Choice Award – Aidan Madoff
Most Improved Player – Wesley Aubin 
Varsity Golf
Most Valuable Golfer – William Berry
Most Valuable Golfer – Annie Li
Coaches’ Choice Award – Rico Beuerlein
Coaches’ Choice Award – Addi Sell
Most Improved Golfer – Brady Kurad
Varsity Boys Lacrosse 
Most Valuable Offensive Player – Liam Cohagan
Most Valuable Defensive Player – Cade Kilbride
Coaches’ Choice Award – Grayson Albright
Most Improved Player – Cullen Dawkins 
Texas High School Lacrosse League 
Grayson Albright (All-District)
Grayson Coffin (All-District)
Kai Cohagan (All-State)
Liam Cohagan (All-State)
Cade Kilbride (All-State)
Sawyer Staloch (Honorable Mention)
Josh Blumenthal (Class C Central Texas Coach of the Year)

USA Lacrosse
Cade Kilbride (Academic All-American)
Josh Blumenthal (Central Texas Lacrosse Coach of the Year)

Central Texas Senior Lacrosse All-Star Game
Grayson Albright
Liam Cohagan
Cade Kilbride
Ethan Shaffer
Sawyer Staloch
Jack Stout
Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Most Valuable Player – Ella Townsend
Coaches’ Choice Award – Reese Goodman
Most Improved Player – Ellie Herz
Central Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League
Reese Goodman (All-District)
Millie Sunshine (All-District)
Ella Townsend (All-District)
Varsity Softball
Most Valuable Player – Caroline Martineau
Coaches’ Choice Award – Mia Tobias
Most Improved Player – Kara Thomas
Austin Area Softball All-Star Game
Ana Castillo

Varsity Tennis

Most Valuable Player – Jack Ingram
Most Valuable Player – Ella Parker
Coaches’ Choice Award – Kacie Jagger
Coaches’ Choice Award – Ross Cockrell
Most Improved Player – Katelyn Thompson
Most Improved Player – Wheeler Ehrlich
Varsity Track & Field
Most Valuable Athlete – Daphne Nguyen
Most Valuable Athlete – Ethan Langselius
Most Improved Athlete – Elle Garcia
Most Improved Athlete – Jake Gooch
Most Improved Athlete – Alex Nield
Coaches’ Choice Award – Rory O’Hara
Coaches’ Choice Award – William Dunaway

JV Track & Field
Most Valuable Athlete – William Sykes
Most Improved Athlete – Gavin Moore
Coaches’ Choice Award – Pruett Fedorowicz